The Future of Talent Acquisition: Insights from the 2024 Salary Guide

Rodney HessBy Rodney Hess
February 22nd, 2024 • 3 Minutes

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Has it felt like you’re struggling more and more to hook and retain top talent? You’re not alone. 

Onward Search recently released its 2024 Salary Guide, revealing that 85% of hiring managers are fighting the same battle.

But there’s good news. You can join the 15% of recruiters succeeding in the current job market through strategic future casting. All you need you do is take insights from data like this and apply them to your own lived experience.

This guide provides the salaries and motivations of the most in-demand unicorn candidates across competitive sectors like AI, customer service, marketing and much more.

By leveraging these insider insights, you can showcase compelling opportunities at your company and prove it’s the ideal place for career growth right now.

We pulled the most critical findings from the guide and provided our insights into what it means for talent acquisition in this competitive labor market.

Top Insights from the Onward Search Salary Guide 2024

The Onward Search guide reveals the strong emphasis now on adaptability and agility in hiring. LinkedIn also confirmed this by naming adaptability the most in-demand job skill of 2024.

With over 85% of hiring managers struggling to find qualified talent, standing out requires showcasing adaptability in your recruitment strategy to mirror rising priorities.

This means continually expanding your skills to align with rapid changes. Whether it’s leveling up on leveraging AI or embracing hybrid arrangements, proactively pursuing continuous learning opportunities makes recruitment marketing more competitive and keeps employer brands differentiated.

Additionally, adaptability sometimes means challenging outdated beliefs. More and more companies are going back to the office despite the overwhelming feelings of their team. Differentiate yourself by retaining the work-from-home or hybrid models.

It may also mean getting candid about salaries.

2024 Salaries by Industry

With detailed salary ranges for various positions, recruitment marketers have a benchmark for crafting competitive compensation packages. 

Consider transparently sharing salary ranges in job postings to attract top talent from Millennials and Gen Z. There is a large chance they’re already sharing that information with their co-workers.

Being transparent with your salary range in job descriptions indicates value alignment that will impress both current and future employees.

Here are a few highlighted industries that provide interesting insights for recruitment marketing and talent acquisition:

AI & Technology Salaries

Technology professionals will be the most in-demand roles in 2024 per hiring managers and executives. This intense demand persists despite recent layoffs across the tech sector.

This is a highly competitive domain. To compete, emphasize your organization’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology in your recruitment marketing. Spotlight opportunities to push boundaries and shape the future of machine learning, neural networks or natural language processing.

Top talent will be drawn to roles where their work can drive industry advances—both at your company and broader sector level. Sell them on the future-focused environment primed for advancement.

With the workplace landscape shifting but critical tech roles still urgently in demand, showcase how your company provides a stable home primed for innovation where talent can grow without fear of layoffs.

Example Salaries for AI & Technology Roles

  • AI Engineer: $132,500 – $207,000
  • Full Stack Developer: $100,000 – $175,500

Client Services Salaries

There is a strong link between customer experience and business success.

In this customer-centric era, recruitment marketing should spotlight opportunities where talent can meaningfully improve experiences across the entire customer journey.

In fact, 88% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services. To further prove this, LinkedIn recently released its report of the most in-demand job skills, and soft skills like customer service and management topped the list.

This is a key area in which to compete for talent.

Sell candidates on joining a culture obsessed with service excellence at all touch points. Top talent wants to know their specialized skills can drive tangible betterment.

Example Salaries for Client Services Roles

  • Account Director: $96,500 – $133,500
  • Digital Project Manager: $73,500 – $112,000

Marketing Salaries

Content marketing and creator content are exploding, fueling demand for skilled creative talent to produce engaging campaigns.

With content credited for major awareness gains and creator investment set to rise 25% by 2024, competition is fierce for creators, designers, writers and more.

Savvy recruitment targets these doers who thrive on visual storytelling and memorable digital experiences. Beyond highlighting openings, sell them on joining a culture where creative contributions directly accelerate meaningful outcomes.

Example Salaries for Key Marketing Roles

  • Social Media Manager: $53,500 – $117,500
  • Graphic Designer: $60,000 – $113,000
  • Content Marketing Manager: $69,000 – $97,000

There is no more secret sauce in today’s oversaturated info landscape. Leveraging rich data strategically is what will set you apart from the 85% struggling to keep up.

Continue future-proofing your recruitment marketing by downloading the complete 2024 Onward Search Salary Guide. It provides even more comprehensive intel you can use to inform your decisions in the ever-shifting modern job market.

For the top talent acquisition tools like Onward Search and more, visit our marketplace now. Happy hiring!

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