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Bonus Episode! Talent Chooses You (in 15 minutes)
Episode: 29 | Talent Chooses You | Aug. 3rd 2022

In this bonus episode of the Talent Chooses You series, James Ellis summarizes the book in just 15 minutes. Listen now!

Final Thoughts on Talent Chooses You
Episode: 28 | Talent Chooses You | Jul. 27th 2022

I started this book as a way to champion the idea of employer branding. But along the way, I wanted to temper it with reality, the honest challenges and frustrations and employer brand professional faces. Building an employer brand, in...

What Makes an Employer Brand Pro Great?
Episode: 27 | Talent Chooses You | Jul. 21st 2022

The broadest vision is that employer brand is how we will fix a broken recruiting system. It is the lever we use to reinvent how we see, connect with and engage the people who will make our businesses grow. It...

Facing the Unknown
Episode: 26 | Talent Chooses You | Jul. 13th 2022

Employer brand professionals are a strange lot, in that we are often people without a country. If we’re based inside the recruiting team, we aren’t recruiters. If we live in marketing, we’re a very different breed of marketer. The market...

Good Ideas
Episode: 25 | Talent Chooses You | Jul. 6th 2022

“Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work. If you wait around for the clouds to part and a bolt of lightning to strike you in the brain, you are not going to...

Turning Pro: How This All Goes Wrong
Episode: 24 | Talent Chooses You | Jun. 29th 2022

It would be a mistake to pretend that following along with all this instruction leads to automatic growth in your recruiting and business, and I’m not going to say that. There are about a half a million ways this all...

Making Decisions
Episode: 23 | Talent Chooses You | Jun. 22nd 2022

When it comes to employer branding, you can pretty much say and show anything at all. Any piece of content will highlight your brand somehow, so how do you choose what to build?

Content Frameworks
Episode: 22 | Talent Chooses You | Jun. 15th 2022

The power of a story has been written about many times before, but there is a core and undeniable truth: people believe stories. More than that, stories have a depth and complexity that claims simply cannot. You can read and...

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