Your Guide to Recruitment Marketing Acronyms

Emily TannerBy Emily Tanner
March 1st, 2022 • 2 Minutes

Want this to be the year you become a recruitment marketer?
This is where you’ll want to start. Recruitment marketing is an important business driver that will help you lower costs associated with talent acquisition and help you land top-quality talent that can help your business accomplish its goals. But recruitment marketing can sometimes be difficult. 

So, if you want to walk the walk, the first thing you’ll need to do is learn how to talk the talk. You’ll want to bookmark this list and keep it handy, as it represents a plethora of acronyms used in recruitment marketing every day:

ABR- annual business review
ASA- American Staffing Association
ATS- applicant tracking system
CMS- content management system
COB- close of business
COM- central order management
CPA- cost per application
CPC- cost per click
CPE- client-payrolled employees
CPH- cost per hire
CPL- cost per lead
CPM- cost per thousand (mille)
CPQA- cost per quality application
CR- conversion rate
CRM- candidate relationship management
CTA- call to action
CTR- click-through rate
CX- candidate experience
DM- direct message (or direct mail)
EEO- equal employment opportunity
EGC- employee-generated content
EOD- end of day
EOM- end of month
EOY- end of year
EVP- employer value proposition
FAQ- frequently asked questions
FB- Facebook
FT- full-time
FTP- file transfer protocol
GA- Google Analytics
HR- human resources
HTML- HyperText Markup Language
IG- Instagram
IO- insertion order
IP- internet protocol
ISP- Internet service provider
JS- javascript
KPI- key performance indicator
LI- LinkedIn
MBA- media budget allocation
MOM- month over month
MSP- managed service provider
MTD- month to date
PO- purchase order
POC- point of contact
PPC- pay per click
PR- page ranking (may also mean press release or public relations)
PT- part-time
QBR- quarterly business review
QPR- quarterly performance review
RCE- Recruitment Center of Excellence
RFP- request for proposal
RMA- recruitment marketing automation
ROI- return on investment
RON- run of network
ROS- run of site
RPO- recruitment process outsourcing
RSS- really simple syndication
RT- retweet
RTD- real-time data
SaaS- software as a service
SEM- search engine marketing
SEO- search engine optimization
SERP- search engine results page
SHRM- Society for Human Resource Management
SIA- Staffing Industry Analysts
SLA- service level agreement
SMM- social media marketing
SMO- social media optimization
SOV- share of voice
SWOT- strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
TA- talent acquisition
TOS- terms of service
UI- user interface
URL- uniform resource locator
UV- unique visitor/view
VMS- vendor management system
WOM- word of mouth
WYSIWYG- what you see is what you get
YOY- year over year
YTD- year to date
XML- extensible markup language

Did we leave any important recruitment acronyms out?

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