The Best Recruitment Marketing Event of 2022

Julie CalliBy Julie Calli
January 17th, 2023 • 3 Minutes

This year, we asked our voters to weigh in on the best recruitment marketing event that provided the most bang for their buck and stood out from the rest. Here are the results!

Winner: HR Technology Conference 

The HR Technology Conference was the clear winner of this year’s poll with 38% of the votes. Hosted as an in-person conference in Las Vegas in the fall and virtually in the spring, it is highly beneficial for organizations seeking to learn more about potential HR software solutions or optimize their existing ones.

Along with allowing participants to test the various HCM and ERP software technology available, the HR Technology Conference also provides workshops to HR professionals who want to stay on the cusp of changes in the field. Expert speakers, including Barbara Corcoran and Josh Bersin, regularly hold events at the conference.


Other events for which participants had positive votes include the following runners-up.

Unleash World/Unleash America

Unleash World and Unleash America are two popular conferences geared explicitly toward HR professionals. Unleash World is usually held in Europe, while Unleash America occurs annually in Las Vegas. 

Both conferences provide an expo where participants can try out new technologies and learn about potential HR solutions. Outside the expo, renowned speakers discuss current and possible changes to the HR industry.

Talent Acquisition Week

Talent Acquisition Week is devoted exclusively to helping professionals in talent acquisition and recruitment marketing understand the latest changes to recruiting trends, employer branding and the candidate experience. The conference is held annually, usually in January or February. 

Participants can expect numerous workshops over the course of three days, including such topics as employer branding strategies and social media recruiting.


InspireHR is a well-rounded conference held each autumn in Nashville, Tennessee. The event offers a full expo that exhibits the latest in HR technology solutions, as well as numerous classes and workshops participants can attend to keep up with changes in the HR world.

Some of last year’s most popular topics covered remote and hybrid working, upskilling and reskilling and talent assessment. Individuals also have the opportunity to connect with other HR professionals to share ideas and network.

Honorable Mentions

While these events didn’t make it to the top of our list, voters still found them quite helpful and worth their time.

ERE Recruiting Conference

The ERE Recruiting Conference focuses on talent acquisition and recruitment. Due to COVID-19 concerns, the event has been virtual for a few years but will return in person for 2023. Individuals who sign up for the event can expect lots of information on best practices for recruiting strategies.

Talent Brand Summit

The Talent Brand Summit is held annually in Chicago, Illinois. This event includes workshops and courses concerning employee and talent branding. Participants gain insight into content creation, metrics for evaluating candidate engagement and employee value propositions.


RecFest is an annual conference held during the summer in Knebworth Park, UK. Individuals who purchase tickets will gain access to numerous speaking events, including topics on hiring success, talent acquisition and DE&I. In the evenings, live musical acts entertain the crowds.

Werf& Festival Recruitment in de Zon 2022

The Werf& Festival Recruitment occurs in the Netherlands each September for one day. Participants can choose from numerous courses and conferences, including employer branding and referral recruitment. 

2022 CandE Awards + TalentNet Live

This event is held annually in Texas in the fall and is especially helpful for individuals in the recruitment marketing sector seeking to improve the candidate experience. The conference typically lasts two days in person. 

TAtech Leadership Summit on Recruitment Marketing

Another forum popular with industry recruitment marketers are TAtech events, and one in particular was the TAtech Leadership Summit on Recruitment Marketing in Boston, Massachusetts. Participants can expect a lineup of expert speakers, and this year’s event included Julie Calli.

SIA Healthcare

Healthcare staffing has grown more imperative as the COVID-19 pandemic enters its fourth year. The SIA Healthcare conference addresses hospital and medical staffing issues, including new technologies available in the industry. Founded in 1989, Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) is the global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions. 

RecBuzz Amsterdam

RecBuzz is a recruitment marketing conference held annually in various European cities. Typical topics include applicant tracking systems, recruitment analytics, and recruitment advertising. 

Keep Up with the Ever-Evolving Trends in HR

As a recruitment marketing professional, you want to ensure you stay on top of trends as they occur. One of the best ways to do so is by attending events that discuss relevant topics and allow you to network with other professionals in your industry. To learn more about key industry events, be sure to bookmark our Recruitment Marketing Conferences & Events calendar. You can also submit nominations for events that you’d like to see featured!

Thanks to everyone who provided their votes for the top conferences of 2022!

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