The Best in Tech: Celebrate the Winners of The Recruitment Marketing Awards ReporterBy Reporter
August 23rd, 2023 • 2 Minutes

At RMC, we are always looking for the best-in-class providers in our industry to help our readers improve their recruitment marketing strategies and accelerate their growth and hiring processes. Whether it’s engaging podcasts, networking events or successful job boards, we aim to celebrate those in recruitment marketing who are making a difference with The Recruitment Marketing Awards.

For our latest honors, we polled readers on some of the top tech solutions on the scene today. Scroll ahead to meet the winners.

Best Recruitment Marketing Candidate Matching Tech of 2023

Winner: HiredScore

When it comes to screening and matching platforms, HiredScore came out on top with readers. These tools help companies find the best candidates by automating and streamlining the screening and selection process. We surveyed RMC readers on which solutions resulted in the most top-tier candidates and helped to fill open roles quickly.

HiredScore is known for its use of AI to provide customizable tech solutions to assist large companies. It’s available in 70 languages and is currently being used in 150 countries. Not only is HiredScore’s tech effective in helping companies achieve recruitment goals, but it also ensures compliance with regulations in a seamless way.

The runners up in this category include: 

To learn more about screening and matching tech solutions, browse our Marketplace selection here

Best Recruitment Marketing Outbound Sourcing Tech of 2023

Winner: Tatio

The outbound sourcing tech crowd has become crowded in recent years, meaning this category is more competitive than ever. Of all these options, RMC readers chose Tatio as the provider with the best tool for sourcing top-tier talent and providing clients with a competitive edge in the hiring market. 

Tatio helps companies access a wider pool of candidates ranked by their relevant skills. Candidates are assessed using smart simulations before being presented to hiring teams. Tatio’s process is transparent and efficient, which helps fast-growing companies meet their hiring goals faster.

The runners up in this category include: 

To learn more about outbound sourcing tools, browse our Marketplace selection here

Best Recruitment Marketing Referral Tech of 2023

Winner: HireUp

Sometimes the best resources for new employees are your existing employees, and referral tech is the solution that helps you harness that power. RMC readers voted that the best tech in this area comes from HireUp, a referral platform that focuses on connecting social networks to referrals and providing real-time updates.

In addition to streamlining the referral process, HireUp’s system promotes a collaborative culture among employees that ultimately contributes to a stronger, more engaged workforce.

The runners up in this category include: 

To learn more about referral tools, browse our Marketplace selection here

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