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Recognizing the best in the industry for their valuable and positive contributions towards the evolution of recruitment marketing and talent acquisition.

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Best Recruitment Marketing Screening & Matching Techs of 2023

Screening & matching platforms help companies find the best candidates by automating and streamlining the screening and selection process. We surveyed our recruitment marketing community to find the best platforms for finding top-tier candidates and filling open roles quickly.

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Best Recruitment Marketing Outbound Sourcing Tech of 2023

This year, a number of outbound sourcing technology platforms have garnered significant attention from industry practitioners striving to maintain a competitive edge. Presented here are the foremost outbound sourcing technologies for 2023, presenting state-of-the-art tools and invaluable insights for effectively sourcing top-tier talent.

Best Recruitment Marketing Referral Tech of 2023

We asked our community this year to find the best referral technology for recruitment marketing. Here are the results!

Best Recruitment Marketing Event of 2022
HR Technology Conference

This year, we asked our voters to weigh in on the best recruitment marketing event that provided the most bang for their buck and stood out from the rest. Here are the results!

Best Recruitment Marketing Job Site of 2022

Recruitment marketing job sites are critical to talent attraction — with them, it is much easier to reach an active job seeking audience. This year, we polled our audience of recruitment marketers to discover which site delivers the best results for connecting with potential candidates.

The Chad & Cheese Podcast
Best Recruitment Marketing Podcast of 2022
The Chad & Cheese Podcast

The Recruitment Marketing Awards celebrate the best-of-the-best in recruitment marketing including podcasts, events, job sites and more!

This year, several podcasts attracted listeners who want to stay on top of the latest news in recruitment marketing. Here are the best podcasts for 2022!

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