TA Week 2024 Session Recap: How Ford Transformed its Talent Acquisition Practice

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February 1st, 2024 • 3 Minutes

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Even industry giants like Ford face internal process challenges and opportunities for change when it comes to talent acquisition. This 2024 TA Week recap features Melissa Thompson, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Ford, where she offered a behind-the-scenes look at how adopting the Kaizen methodology has helped her team tackle key areas of improvement, transforming their recruitment strategy into a model of efficiency and positive outcomes.

Understanding Kaizen in Business

Kaizen, originating from the Japanese ethos of ‘change for the better,’ is a methodology of continuous, incremental improvement. This method is all about driving efficiency and enhancing quality through small shifts that feel achievable. In the business world, Kaizen empowers teams to collaborate on focused, short-term projects, dissecting strategies to uncover potential roadblocks and developing practical solutions. It’s an active and team-centric approach to tackling issues head-on.

Ford’s Strategic Application of Kaizen

Under Thompson’s guidance, Ford’s Talent Acquisition team embarked on an intensive 3-day Kaizen sprint to tackle challenges within the recruiting practice. Thompson walked the audience through exactly what was accomplished during each day of her team’s sprint.

The team’s key questions to solve included:

  • How might we narrow the resume volume that each recruiter reviews?
  • How might we turn on pre-screen questions to knock out candidates that don’t have baseline qualifications?
  • How might we investigate alternative ways to search within a candidate pool?

Day 1: Brainstorming and Process Audit

The first day was dedicated to brainstorming and hands-on auditing of the existing processes. The team dove deep into the current recruitment strategy, identifying areas ripe for enhancement and laying the groundwork for innovation.

Day 2: Identifying Roadblocks and Blue Sky Solutions

On the second day, the focus shifted to uncovering roadblocks and proposing “blue sky” solutions. The team discussed pain points and potential countermeasures in depth, fostering a creative and open environment for improvement ideas.

Day 3: Crafting an Action Plan

The final day culminated in the development of a detailed action plan categorized into immediate, near-term, and future initiatives. This plan was designed to ensure the sustainability of the improvements and guide the team in the implementation phase.

Four Key Areas of Change

In order to share the plan with executive management, the team’s work was synthesized into four primary areas of change: systems, processes, training, and change management. This comprehensive approach ensured that no aspect of the recruitment process was overlooked.

  1. Systems: Enhancing technological tools to streamline recruitment.
  2. Processes: Refining workflow for increased efficiency.
  3. Training: Providing necessary skills and knowledge for new systems and processes.
  4. Change Management: Facilitating smooth adoption of new practices.

Kaizen Offers Real Results

Thanks to a meticulously crafted action plan coupled with effective change management, the TA function at Ford experienced significant results:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Increase: By openly communicating with stakeholders and hiring managers about the identified problems and the steps being taken to address them, the team’s NPS increased by 50 points. This jump highlighted the value of proactive transparency and stakeholder engagement in change initiatives.
  • Reduction in Requisition Age: The age of requisitions decreased by 25%, indicating a more efficient and faster recruitment process.
  • Decrease in Time to Hire: By the end of the year, the time to fill positions was reduced to less than 45 days, a testament to the effectiveness of the new strategies.

Kaizen: A Catalyst for Change

Ford’s experience underscores the transformative power of the Kaizen methodology in the business world. Identifying problems, committing to small collaborative improvements, and fostering a culture of continuous betterment leads to big rewards.

Ford’s journey through the Kaizen methodology offers valuable lessons for businesses grappling with talent acquisition challenges. We don’t always need to overhaul entire systems and workflows in order to see positive change. By concentrating on specific, actionable goals within the parameters of existing resources, organizations can achieve remarkable improvements in efficiency. The Ford TA team’s success serves as an inspiring example of how a strategic and focused approach, combined with effective communication and stakeholder engagement, can lead to significant advancements in talent acquisition and beyond.

As we continue to navigate the complexities of the modern recruitment landscape, embracing lean methodologies like Kaizen can be the key to unlocking our full potential.

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