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November 28th, 2023 • 4 Minutes

The 2023 Global Power 150 Women in Staffing list, presented by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), is a significant nod to the influential women in the staffing industry. Celebrating its eighth year, this list honors those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation in a sector where women are prevalent, yet often underrepresented in top leadership roles. These women have skillfully navigated the complex landscape of the staffing industry, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and change.

SIA, a guiding force in staffing and workforce solutions, points out a notable disparity: despite the high number of women in staffing roles worldwide, few reach the highest levels of organizational leadership. This year’s list, sponsored by Bullhorn Inc., isn’t just a series of names; it’s a recognition of the impactful contributions these women have made to their organizations and the broader industry. The announcement of the Global Power 150 is more than just a routine event. It’s a moment that highlights the strength and strategic vision of these women leaders. 

We’ve compiled a shortlist of these powerful women’s stories and achievements below. Bring on the girl power in staffing, talent acquisition and recruitment!

Kay Ring, Senior VP, Global Talent Cloud Solutions, TalentBurst

Kay Ring grew TalentBurst’s business to $40 million from its inception in 2018 by using clear communication, streamlined onboarding and tailored services. Her innovative and people-centered approach has expanded the team and attracted new accounts, demonstrating her commitment to both professional growth and community involvement.

Kimberly Shatzer, Senior VP of Delivery, Onward Search

Kim Shatzer, Senior VP of Delivery at Onward Search, played a key role in establishing Onward Play, a notable staffing agency in gaming and immersive technology. Recognized for her leadership and commitment to diversity, she is involved with Women in Games International and Chief, both organizations dedicated to promoting inclusivity and developing women leaders in their respective fields.

Maalfrid Brath, Regional Managing Director, ManpowerGroup Nordic and Baltics

Maalfrid Brath, Regional Managing Director of ManpowerGroup in Norway, leads transformational initiatives in the Nordic and Baltic regions. With a background that includes 14 years in various management roles at Storebrand, her influence extends to chairing the NHO National Federation of Staffing Industries and serving as VP of the World Employment Confederation Europe

Kate Donovan, Senior VP, Talent Solutions, ManpowerGroup

Kate Donovan, as Senior VP for ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions in North America and Global Leader of Talent Solutions Strategy, leads teams focused on comprehensive workforce solutions. Her drive for innovation resulted in the launch of Sophie, a labor market analytics tool, and contributed to Talent Solutions RPO and Tapfin MSP maintaining their global leadership positions in the Everest Group PEAK Matrix® Assessment for the 13th and ninth years, respectively. Donovan is known for her skill in tackling complex talent challenges.

Traci Fiatte, CEO, Randstad

Traci Fiatte has significantly expanded the services and promotional opportunities at Randstad North America through her focus on broader geographic and segment scope. Leading a major business transformation, she has implemented specialized and digital strategies that benefit thousands. Additionally, Fiatte actively participates in industry groups and serves on the board of the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago. She joined Randstad in 1996 and was appointed to her recent role in January, with her departure announced in October.

Alisia Genzler, Group President and Chief Client Officer, Randstad Digital, Randstad

Alisia Genzler, leveraging over two decades of staffing industry experience, successfully aligned Randstad’s North America division with Randstad Digital’s global technology strategy. Under her leadership, the organization saw significant geographic and revenue growth, reaching $1.4 billion in 2022, driven by streamlined processes and clear outcomes. Genzler’s dedication to growth and inclusivity is further demonstrated through her involvement in the Transformational Leadership Program at the London Business School and her position on the Randstad US Executive Diversity Council.

Becky Frankiewicz, Chief Commercial Officer and President, North America, ManpowerGroup

Becky Frankiewicz, a recognized authority on labor market trends and the future of work, combines her expertise in people development and consumer insights in her role at ManpowerGroup. Previously holding senior leadership positions at PepsiCo, she is a frequent speaker at international forums like the World Economic Forum and regularly features in global media outlets such as CNBC, Fox News, and the Wall Street Journal.

Dominique Hermans, CEO, North Europe, Randstad

Dominique Hermans, with 23 years at Randstad, became Chief Executive of Northern Europe in 2023, managing 13 countries and recently assuming leadership of the group strategy function. A champion of women’s empowerment and labor market equality, she participates in a boardroom coaching program for women and is a member of Masterplan Amsterdam, dedicated to creating equitable work opportunities.

Sue Marcus, Managing Director, Randstad Sourceright North America

Sue Marcus, known for her innovative approach to talent acquisition, has significantly grown and expanded Randstad’s offerings over the past year, with a focus on early careers programs and operational excellence. Her influence in the industry is further highlighted by her co-chairing the Executive Diversity Council and sponsoring the Women in Randstad Empowering Development group, emphasizing her commitment to aligning clients with top-tier talent across diverse industries.

Myriam Beatove Moreale, Chief HR Officer, Randstad

Myriam Beatove Moreale, as the first Chief HR Officer on Randstad’s executive board, oversees global corporate affairs and the global capability center. Since joining in September 2022, she has developed a new people strategy for over 46,000 global employees, achieving an 8.1 employee engagement score and promoting diverse executive leadership aligned with Randstad’s vision. Moreale is driven by a commitment to equity and empowerment in the industry.

Jackie Shaffer, Global Head, Cella, Randstad Digital

Jackie Schaffer’s deep understanding of the industry and dedication to innovative approaches have driven Cella to achieve double-digit annual growth over the past five years. Before leading Cella’s integration into Randstad in 2021 and becoming its global head in June 2023, she developed Cella’s consulting and managed services practices, establishing herself as a visionary leader in digital transformation. Additionally, Schaffer contributes to her community as a commissioner of a boys’ youth lacrosse league, promoting sportsmanship and teamwork.

Jen Torney, Global VP, TAPFIN Talent Solutions, ManpowerGroup

Jen Torney has played a key role in driving product innovations and service expansion at ManpowerGroup’s Tapfin Talent Solutions, significantly contributing to its annual revenue growth. Known for her commitment to diversity and inclusion, Torney collaborated with Beeline in 2019 to develop new diversity measurement methods in MSP environments and actively advocates for workforce flexibility for women and parents.

The 2023 Global Power 150 Women in Staffing list is not just about recognition; it’s a showcase of the progress and potential within the staffing industry, driven by talented women leaders. It reflects a journey towards more inclusive leadership and serves as an inspiration for the future of women in the industry.

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