BREAKING: Indeed Announces “Healthy Marketplace” Changes to Impact Job Post Visibility

Rodney HessBy Rodney Hess
April 2nd, 2024 • 2 Minutes

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Indeed sent an announcement to its customers and has the exclusive story. The job board Goliath announces changes to its marketplace, affecting job sponsorship and visibility on the platform. This update marks a significant adjustment for Indeed’s clientele, particularly agencies and employers relying on the recruitment platform.

The adjustments aim to improve the distribution of visibility across all jobs, ensuring that every role, from the most sought-after to niche positions, receives fair exposure. This move intends to address the challenge of certain jobs overshadowing others, making it difficult for less visible roles to attract suitable candidates.

For employers, this means revisiting their job sponsorship strategies. The reliance on Indeed for free job post outcomes might see a shift, encouraging a more strategic approach to sponsoring jobs, especially for those hard-to-fill positions. Indeed suggests that sponsored jobs tend to fill faster than non-sponsored ones, a trend that could become more pronounced with the new marketplace dynamics.

Indeed is currently phasing in the updates and they will continue to evolve. They encourage employers and recruiters to reassess their strategies and budgets to align with the new marketplace conditions. Deciding on the right investment will be crucial, especially for those looking to fill positions quickly or in competitive job markets.

This announcement represents a shift in Indeed’s marketplace approach, aiming for a more balanced and equitable platform for job postings. As the changes take effect, employers and recruiters will need to stay informed and possibly rethink their recruitment strategies on Indeed.

Full Information on Indeed’s “Healthy Marketplace” Improvements

1. “Healthy Marketplace” Improvements

Indeed plans to implement improvements to budget allocation across jobs within a campaign, aiming to distribute outcomes more evenly across all roles. This adjustment is designed to avoid the over-saturation of certain roles while ensuring sufficient traffic to others, leading to a healthier marketplace​​.

2. Impact on Clients

The changes may lead to a decrease in the number of free outcomes previously received by clients. To maintain or enhance job post engagement, especially for hard-to-fill positions, employers might need to consider sponsoring jobs. The adjustments are part of an effort to make the marketplace more transparent and equitable​​.

3. Sponsored Jobs

Sponsoring jobs is expected to provide a more consistent and predictable flow of applicants across all roles, including hard-to-fill ones. Indeed data indicates that sponsored jobs can lead to faster hiring compared to non-sponsored jobs​​.

4. Adjusting to Changes

Agencies and their clients are encouraged to work with Indeed’s account teams to adapt to the marketplace changes effectively. This collaboration can help in identifying high-priority roles and allocating budgets to meet hiring needs efficiently​​.

5. Monitoring Impact

Agencies should stay in communication with Indeed’s account teams to understand how specific clients might be affected by the new marketplace guardrails and strategize accordingly to achieve business goals on Indeed​​.

6. Preparation and Strategy Adjustment

The transition to the new marketplace model has already started but is still ramping up. Agencies and clients are advised to discuss their strategies with Indeed representatives to navigate the changes smoothly​​.

7. Prioritizing Investments

To regain previous performance levels, clients may need to prioritize where performance is most crucial and invest in sponsoring jobs for those roles. Deciding on the necessary budget to meet hiring needs will depend on various factors, including the difficulty of filling a role and the urgency of hiring​​.

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