2023 HR Technology Conference Recap: AI Takes Center Stage

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October 19th, 2023 • 6 Minutes

The annual HR Technology Conference was held in Las Vegas from October 10-13, 2023. As in previous years, the event served as a premier destination for HR leaders, recruiters and technologists to explore the latest innovations and strategies for elevating talent acquisition and management. Here is your 2023 HR Technology Conference recap!

A key theme that emerged this year was the continued emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to transform HR processes and insights.

Nathan Christensen of Mineral and Zack Kass, previously with OpenAI, discussed AI’s growing influence in HR, with Kass addressing its potential challenges and Christensen underscoring the irreplaceable human attributes in an AI-centric world. Additionally, the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) highlighted the myriad ways AI is revolutionizing HR, with insights from Kevin Oakes and Katheryn Brekken, backed by a joint study with Human Resource Executive®.

The conference showcased a stellar lineup of keynote speakers. These industry luminaries offered profound insights, sharing their expertise and experiences to illuminate the evolving landscape of HR. From discussions on gender equality in media to the future of AI in HR, each keynote provided attendees with invaluable perspectives, setting the tone for the rest of the conference. 

Let’s delve into the highlights from these captivating sessions.

Geena Davis on Gender Equality in Media and the Workplace

Acclaimed actress and advocate, Geena Davis, took attendees on a personal journey, reflecting on her cinematic roles and their enduring relevance. She emphasized the transformative power of her roles, particularly in “Thelma & Louise,” which catalyzed her advocacy for women’s empowerment. Davis also introduced the “Spellcheck for Bias” tool from her institute, underscoring the need for accurate gender representation in media and its ripple effect on workplace dynamics.

Josh Bersin on AI’s Role in HR

Industry analyst Josh Bersin spotlighted the game-changing potential of AI in HR. He painted a picture of the evolving HR landscape, emphasizing the need for AI-driven solutions in the face of a dynamic labor market. Bersin’s insights into the trajectory from the Agrarian Age to the Computer Age underscored AI’s pivotal role in enhancing productivity and shaping the future of HR.

Marcus Buckingham on Fostering Humanity at Work

Best-selling author Marcus Buckingham delved into the essence of human desires in the workplace. Drawing from extensive data, he highlighted the intrinsic needs of individuals and the systemic changes required to create fulfilling work environments. His insights, encapsulated in his latest book, “Love + Work,” offer a blueprint for fostering a human-centric work ethos.

Stacey Harris Unveils the 26th Annual HR Systems Survey

Stacey Harris, from the Sapient Insights Group, unveiled the much-anticipated findings from the 26th Annual HR Systems Survey. Harris provided a comprehensive overview of the top HR tech investments for 2024, offering a glimpse into the future of HR technology. The session served as a guide for HR professionals, shedding light on emerging trends and the evolving landscape of HR tech investments.

Several esteemed companies from our marketplace left a lasting impression at the 2023 HR Technology Conference, either as sponsors, speakers, or exhibitors, underscoring their commitment to the HR tech industry’s evolution.

Sponsors of the 2023 HR Technology Conference 


Avature, a leading CRM platform in recruiting, made a significant mark as a sponsor at the 2023 HR Technology & Expo Conference. They showcased the advantages of internal mobility and the unified platform approach, with a spotlight on AI. Attendees were treated to demos that highlighted Avature’s relationship-building capabilities, the adaptability of their ATS and previews of their latest solutions like Social Learning and HR Case Management. Learn more about Avature.


Greenhouse, a top-tier solution for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), showcased its commitment to innovative hiring practices at the HR Tech 2023 Conference. They hosted a memorable happy hour event in collaboration with Checkr and emphasized the importance of people-first companies. Greenhouse’s leadership, including their Chief Product Officer and Chief People Officer, led key discussions on effective hiring and the nuances of pay transparency, highlighting their advanced solutions for modern talent acquisition. Discover more about Greenhouse.

HR Tech 2023 Speakers

Chmura – Labor Market Intelligence

Chris Chmura, Founder, CEO and Chief Economist, unveiled “JobsEQ by Chmura Demo | Talent Watch.” This session emphasized Chmura’s new addition, Talent Watch, which leverages real-time job postings data to provide insights into the current talent landscape, helping businesses stay ahead of the competition.

Cronofy – Interview Management Tools

CEO Adam Bird’s session, “Delivering the experience candidates really want and hiring faster,” was enriched by insights from Cronofy’s “Candidate Expectations Report 2023.” The report highlighted the evolving expectations of job candidates in today’s tech-driven world, emphasizing the importance of swift hiring processes and the value of human interaction.

Crunchr – People Analytics

Dirk Jonker, CEO & Founder, in collaboration with Erin from Cardinal Health, took attendees on a deep dive into “The HR Transformation Journey of Cardinal Health.” The session spotlighted Crunchr’s collaboration with AspireHR, aiming to elevate HR processes by offering comprehensive workforce analytics.


Jeff Beckham, Head of Marketing, led a discussion on “The Role of Recruiting Technology in Non-Technical Industries.” The session emphasized the need for non-technical industries to adapt their recruiting strategies, especially in the wake of tech industry layoffs, and harness the potential of recruiting technologies.

HireEZ – Outbound Sourcing Tools/DEI

Steven Jiang, Co-founder/CEO, presented “Candidate Engagement Evolution: How Technology Drives TA and Business Success.” The session underscored the importance of engagement in talent acquisition, with a focus on how data-driven insights can empower engagement decisions in today’s resource-limited market.

PandoLogic – Job Programmatic Advertising

Sumit Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, explored the topic “Are You Really Ready for AI?” The session highlighted PandoLogic’s AI-driven recruitment solutions, with attendees getting a firsthand look at the potential of AI in reshaping recruitment strategies.

Paradox AI – Chatbots/Candidate Communication Tools

Adam Godson, Chief Product Officer, discussed “Modernizing Recruitment: The Dynamic Collaboration of First Advantage and Paradox in FedEx Ground’s Hiring Process.” The session showcased the synergy between First Advantage’s background screening and Paradox’s AI-driven candidate engagement tool, Olivia, in enhancing FedEx Ground’s hiring strategy.

Phenom People – CRM/Career Site Platform

Adam Thompson, Kumar Ananthanarayana and Ben Williams showcased Phenom’s Automation Engine, a game-changer in delivering personalized hiring experiences at scale. They emphasized how automation can support a highly personalized and accelerated hiring process, transforming even the most transactional moments into experiences that inspire trust and belonging in employees.

SeekOut – Outbound Sourcing Tools/DEI

Anil Dhawan, VP Product – Internal Talent, delved into how companies can leverage an AI-powered talent intelligence platform to better understand, leverage and upskill their talent. The session highlighted SeekOut’s unique Human-Driven, AI-Assisted approach and its potential to revolutionize talent intelligence for both internal and external talent.

SmartRecruiters – ATS/Career Site Platforms

Allyn Bailey and the Head of Talent at Public Storage explored the evolving talent landscape, emphasizing how Public Storage has harnessed technology to stay ahead in Talent Acquisition. The session provided insights into the integration of advanced tech tools and strategies for innovation in today’s competitive talent market.

Sterling – Background Checks

Meg Wilson, Chief Product Officer, along with partners from ID.me, discussed the impact of identity verification on data integrity, background screening results and candidate experience. The session highlighted the importance of identity verification in ensuring clean candidate data and improving the onboarding experience.


Dr. Jarik Conrad and Yutaka Takagi showcased how UKG applies 30 years of culture data through the UKG Pro suite and the UKG Great Place To Work Hub. The session emphasized the importance of integrating culture and DEI&B strategies into every facet of people strategy and technology experiences.

Visier – People Analytics

Ian Cook, VP, Research and Strategy, discussed the shift in HR Tech towards Systemic HR, emphasizing the importance of deploying technology to support the exploration, formulation and communication of people strategy. Steve Holder and Steve Priest demonstrated Visier’s Skills Intelligence Engine, highlighting its potential to provide a comprehensive view of the workforce. Zack Johnson and Paul Rubenstein further explored how data-driven insights can enhance manager effectiveness, emphasizing the role of technology in leveling up and aligning everyday decisions.

Exhibitors at HR Tech

Appcast – Job Programmatic Advertising

Appcast unveiled AppcastOne, integrating programmatic, search, social and traditional media to revolutionize candidate acquisition. Chris Forman, Appcast’s CEO, highlighted its potential in addressing recruitment marketing complexities.

Claro – Labor Market Intelligence

Claro is a Labor Market Intelligence solution, providing Network Connectivity and Communication, Cloud, IoT and IT Managed Services, emphasizing collaboration and diversity.

Dice – Job boards

Dice sponsored HR Tech’s opening night pub crawl and featured the Dice Hamster, their Chief Mischief Officer.

Gr8 People – CRM

Gr8 People invited attendees to booth #1532 for swag, surprises and insights into their platform.

HireAbility – Screening and Matching Tools

HireAbility showcased ALEX, their resume/CV and job order parsing software, highlighting recent language support additions.

HiredScore – Screening and Matching Tools

HiredScore’s team was present at booth #7120, emphasizing their AI Orchestration’s potential in driving business-aligned outcomes.

Jobsync – Career Site Platform/Job Distribution

Jobsync is a SaaS product that streamlines the recruitment process by integrating with applicant tracking systems and job boards, and has recently partnered with Indeed to further enhance the hiring process for large organizations.

One Model – People Analytics

One Model is a leading people analytics software company, transforming the way organizations utilize people analytics.

People Data Labs – Labor Market Intelligence

People Data Labs offers B2B data for developers, engineers and data scientists, providing access to 2.5 billion unique B2B records.

Public Insight – Labor Market Intelligence

Public Insight launched a talent market report service, offering customizable, pre-formatted reports on segmented job market metrics.

Revelio Labs – Labor Market Intelligence

Revelio Labs specializes in workforce intelligence, creating a universal HR database from hundreds of millions of public employment records.

Sense Talent Engagement Platform – Candidate Communications Tools

Sense invited attendees to booth 2332 to learn about leveraging AI and automation for stellar candidate and employee experiences.

Shaker – Employer Branding Agencies/Recruitment Marketing Agencies

Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications offers employer branding, EVP development, high design creative and custom career sites.

Sparcstart – Job Distribution/Interview Management Tools/Candidate Communications Tools/Employer Brand

Sparcstart is a cloud-based recruitment software designed to simplify the hiring process for businesses of all sizes.

Survale – People Analytics

Survale introduced new resources, including Technology Enabled Services and an advanced AI sentiment analysis feature, emphasizing the importance of feedback in recruitment.

Textkernel – Screening and Matching Tools

Textkernel introduced GPTParser, combining GPT-3.5 with its proprietary industry knowledge to deliver the next generation of parsing technology.

Zoho Recruit – ATS

Zoho Recruit is a talent acquisition system and ATS designed to simplify the hiring process, offering customizable workflows and integrated communication channels.

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