How to Leverage Employee-Generated Content for Recruitment Marketing

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December 12th, 2023 • 2 Minutes

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Recruiting top talent is more nuanced than ever. Seismic events (like The Great Resignation, along with its subsequent decline in turnover) have transformed the ways companies approach talent acquisition and recruitment marketing. 

This shift can lead to increased difficulty for employers seeking new talent. It’s important to stay competitive when attracting active job seekers, but now you’ll also need to consider ways to retain your current workforce. With tighter marketing budgets and less roles to fill, it can be tough to create cost-effective employer brand material that engages both prospective and current colleagues.   

That’s where employee-generated content (EGC) comes in. Employee-generated content is basically any media that your employees create and share on behalf of the company. Here’s an example:

  • An employee named Sarah works at a tech company. One day, she decides to share a photo on her LinkedIn profile. In the photo, she’s at her desk working on a challenging project with a caption that reads: “Crunch time at the office, but wouldn’t trade it for anything! 💻 #TeamWork #LoveMyJob”. 

In this case, Sarah’s post is a prime instance of social media EGC. It gives a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s work environment, showcases teamwork and communicates a positive attitude about the job. This kind of content can be particularly impactful for job seekers because it’s authentic, relatable and provides a glimpse into the real experiences of employees. 

Authenticity Matters!

Now, authenticity matters more than ever before. It’s one of the most important assets a company can have in their marketing strategy: 88% of consumers prioritize it when choosing which brands to support and job seekers are no different.

Instead of relying on a carefully scripted approach, EGC candidly shares workplace experiences from an employee’s perspective. Employee-generated content also lets you expand your reach into a larger network as well: it generates 8x more engagement compared to posts from brand accounts. 

It also goes beyond building your employer brand reputation—it saves your team time and money. Companies with strong employer brands saw a 50% increase in qualified applicants, a 50% cost-per-hire and a hiring process that’s 1-2x faster compared to their counterparts. 

Ready to crush your recruitment marketing KPIs in the upcoming year? Try utilizing employee-generated content. Learn more about EGC’s benefits, explore various ways to use EGC in your marketing, and read our beginner tips that will set you up for success.  Plus, we’ll share some top-tier tech solutions that’ll streamline your EGC program.

Top Benefits of Employee-Generated Content for Recruitment Marketing:

We’ve covered some overall advantages of including employee-generated content in your recruitment plan. But how does EGC contribute to your organization’s overall business success?

Offers a fresh perspective

When you’re focused on filling open roles and building your applicant pool, it can often feel challenging to come up with innovative recruiting tactics. Employee-generated content breaks that tunnel vision, letting coworkers from other departments share their experiences with the world. This can broaden your perspectives to unique advantages of working at your company that may have gone unnoticed. 

Improves employee engagement

Inviting your colleagues to share their experiences communicates your organization’s acknowledgment of their perspectives. It also shows that your company has a culture that genuinely prioritizes employee well-being. EGC gives employees their own voice and allows your team to amplify their personal stories. It makes your coworkers feel valued and recognized, which boosts company morale and job satisfaction.

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