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Julie Sowash w/Disability Solutions
The Recruitment Flex | May. 30th 2023

TRF feat Julie Sowash, Executive Director at Disability SolutionsWe finally get to introduce you to Julie Sowash. Dedicating her career to helping people who face barriers to employment by solving the problem on the corporate side.  Disability Solutions is a non-profit who has trained over 10,000 Leaders and placed over 7,000...

Let Them Eat Cake
The Recruitment Flex | May. 26th 2023

Cant eat, can't sleep, nightmares? Recalling your first love and the first break up is something we all experience but that doesn't make it easier to watch someone else go through it. DisruptHR Halifax is in full swing, watch for the exciting lineup of presenters being announced this week. If you’ve...

Unleash Interviews: Brian Thompson Co-Founder RecTxt
The Recruitment Flex | May. 23rd 2023

The Recruitment Flex got the opportunity the meet the guys from RecTxt face to face the first time! We had a great chat with Brian Thompson Co-Founder of RecTxtRecTxt has experienced remarkable success with Unleash, enabling them to establish valuable face-to-face connections with numerous clients.RecTxt has gained recognition for their...

DisruptHR & Donairs
The Recruitment Flex | May. 19th 2023

The CRNG event in Calgary was a huge success. Will van Middendorp did a great job despite some technical challenges. Donairs & DisruptHR Halifax Who knew Halifax was famous for this middle eastern dish? We will be co-hosting the event - June 22 - Get your tickets nowIndustry NewsCareerBuilder is letting the air out...

Unleash Interviews: Ilya Brotzky CEO VanHack
The Recruitment Flex | May. 16th 2023

In our latest installment of the Unleash interview series, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the esteemed Ilya Brotzky, CEO of VanHack, who also happens to be a dear friend of the show.VanHack has established itself as a force to be reckoned with, facilitating the successful placement of...

AI Moves In
The Recruitment Flex | May. 12th 2023

This week on TRF: DisruptHR Halifax has a great line up for all our Atlantic Canada listeners - this will be such a great event - get your tickets now!In the newsCanada added 41,000 jobs in April - almost all of which are part-time.USA job openings drop to the lowest...

Unleash Interviews: Mike Ehrle CEO Click Boarding
The Recruitment Flex | May. 9th 2023

As part of our Unleash interview series, we had the privilege of speaking with Click Boarding CEO Mike Ehrle.Mike shared his fascinating journey in the HRTech industry and how he landed at Click Boarding.He also discussed the emergence of "pre-boarding" as a replacement for traditional onboarding, and how Click Boarding...

The Recruitment Flex | May. 5th 2023

Serge and Shelley are still basking in the afterglow of Unleash and ready CRNG event next week, May 11 at the Bank & Baron in Calgary. Industry NewsGreenhouse and Jobcase rumours of reductions in staffSmartRecruiters bring the new CEO, Michael DeSimone to Unleash AmericaTip of the WeekThe 101 of texting...

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