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190: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep170 – How to Hire in the Nordics

September 2nd, 2022

How to Hire in the Nordics?


Brainfood Live is back on tour! This time we are virtually visiting our friends in the North and to try and better understand how the universal challenges of recruiting are solved by local recruiters in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. I actually couldn’t find any Icelandic or Faroese recruiters so if you are there, make sure you pipe up during the livestream!


You will learn:


– What are the unifying characteristics of hiring in the Nordics? Can we even consider it a category?

– How would you describe the culture in Nordic society – what do outsiders most often get wrong?

– Working with hiring managers – what do recruiters have to know?

– Working with candidates – what do recruiters have know?

– How do we handle the English vs Native language divide?

– What differences are there between the countries in the Nordics?

– Is there a city vs rural divide?

– Most important things to get right in TA?


All this and more with our Nordic heroes Per Tjenberg, Founder (TBA), Danny Crook, Talent Acquisition Manager (Kognity),  Niklas Lerner, Founder (Krut), & Kati Kitti, Director of Talent Acquisition (Solita)


Ep170 is sponsored by our buddies Talentiir

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