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129: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep131 – Future Fit Talent Acquisition Leaders

October 29th, 2021



Talent Acquisition is a function no stranger to change, but perhaps there has never been a moment quite like this that is confronting our industry; radical decentralisation of organisation structure, diversification of employee contracts, shift from one to maybe multi-modal ways of operating, the blurring the divide between ‘company’ and ‘market’, the rise of social imperatives as a business priority and the loosening of organisational structure to facilitate internal mobility. And that’s not including dramatic developments in technology with advances in AI, talent intelligence, people analytics and workforce automation.


How do we – as talent acquisition leaders – ensure that our departments are adequately staffed, skilled and organised for future fit?


There is no better analyst to ask than the legendary Kevin Wheeler – founder of the Future Talent Institute and world renowned workforce analyst, Kevin Wheeler.


You will learn:


– What are the underlying macro trends which TA leaders need to be aware of?

– What skills are TA departments going to require to be fit for purpose in the next decade?

– How does the shift to remote / distributed working change the work of TA?

– What is the impact of diversification of employee types under management?

– How we force rank the key tasks of a current TA team vs future TA team?

– How do TA get better today and stay on the right path for the next decade?

– What do TA leaders need to do to future proof the function?


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