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278: Background Live On Air – Ep246 – State of Background Screening Compliance 2024

February 23rd, 2024

The State of Background Screening Compliance 2024


Checkr have released the definitive research piece on the State of Background Screening Compliance and we will use this week’s Brainfood Live On Air to interview Su-Han Wang, Managing Litigation & Compliance Counsel at Checkr to better understand:


  • what percentage of US employers are compliant with Federal regulations on background screening
  • which segments / states are most / least compliant
  • what are the potential hazards for employers who are out of compliance
  • how realistic are these scenarios, and what degree of virulence?
  • what steps can employers take today to ensure that they are on the road for compliance in 2024





Ep246 is sponsored by our buddies Checkr


Checkr builds people infrastructure for the future of work. And we believe everyone should have a fair chance to work. That’s why we’ve designed a faster—and fairer—way to screen job seekers. Trusted by companies such as Uber, Warby Parker and monday.com.


For more information on our mission and products, visit http://checkr.com.

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