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254: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep224 – Recruiter Fraud – How to Spot and Stop Overworking Remote Workers

September 22nd, 2023



‘Overworking’ is one of the most popular subreddits on Reddit, and it’s a discussion community of people who share tips on how to get away with (illegally) working more than one job. Once considered a myth promulgated by managers who want to manufacture consent for return to office, a body of evidence is building both from research and from direct experience that overworking is indeed an issue, simply because employers have limited means to mitigate the risk.


What is the phenomena of overworking and how significant is it in the recruiting industry?


– Overworking, review of the subreddit

– How does this happen?

– Employer surveillance backlashed

– How would you know?

– Examples

– How to spot a recruiter working more than 1 more employer

– How to prove it?

– What steps to take if you suspect a recruiter in team is working for more than one employer

– Is there a way we can make this legal for recruiters to do?

– Has anyone set up a fractional recruitment agency?


We’re talking about new modes of working, and how transitions can lead to crime.



We’re on Friday 22nd September, 2pm BST with Lyndsey Taylor, Global Head of Talent Acquisition (Kerry), Katrina Hutchinson-O’Neill, CEO (Join Talent) & Maury Hanigan, CEO (SparcStart)





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