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236: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep207 – Life and Times of a VC Portfolio Recruiter

May 26th, 2023

Life & Times of a Portfolio Recruiter in VC


One of the most promising developments of the tech scale up era has been the recognition by Venture Capital firms that Talent is one of the critical components for success of the companies they invest in. The formation of the ‘recruiter in residence’ or ‘Head of People’ who work across the portfolio is one of the most interesting developments of the recruiter career path and one which brings unique challenges – neither fully in-house, nor exactly 3rd party, but something in between.


It’s the topic of today’s Brainfood Live, where we talk to Portfolio recruiters on the why this role is different, how to get good at it, and how to get on this career track if you are looking for it.


– What are the main differences between in-house, agency and portfolio recruiting?

– What things would you do differently if you could have the chance the do it again?

– How do you decide what projects to work on?

– Any tips for dealing with headstrong founders?

– What is the expectations from the partners?

– How do you measure success as a Portfolio recruiter?

– What are the skills required to be good at this type of recruitment?

– How do I get a job as a portfolio recruiter?


All this and more – we’re with Catherine Allan, Head of Talent (OMERS Ventures), Adriana Hurduc, Strategic Talent Acquisition Manager (Calvary Ventures) & & Nico Blier-Silvestre, Partner, Platform (Dreamcraft VC)




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