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233: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep204 – Measuring Quality of Hire

May 5th, 2023

How To Measure Quality of Hire


Quality of Hire is without doubt the most important metric that CEO’s care about. They want to hire the best people for the business and make sure that they are quickly up to productivity and adding competitive value to the business. And yet, Quality of Hire remains the metric is which least monitored by TA – why is this?


We’re going to explore the context behind this measurement, why we think QofH is under utilised, and how it may be possible to implement if we want to change.


– What is Quality of Hire?

– Why do we think it is not measured by TA?

– Does HR own this metric as part of the responsibilities for Talent Management and Development?

– What role do Hiring Managers play in this measurement?

– If TA does connect QoH with hiring measures, what benefits can we expect?

– Are there any examples of TA being able to implement QoH?

– Do we think AI will help us solve these problems?

– How do we go about implementing QofH if we have not done it before?


All this and more on Brainfood Live On Air.


We’re with proponents and opponents this week with Rob McIntosh, VP of Recruiting Solutions (PSG Global Solutions), Chloe Morrison, Recruiting Operations Programme Manager (Datadog), Chantelle Jones, Talent Strategy Director (Nash Squared) & Andrew Gadomski, Operations Research Senior Analyst within CISA (US Dept of Homeland Security


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