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224: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep195 – Recruiter Use Cases for ChatGPT, Part 3 – Ethics & Concerns

March 3rd, 2023

Recruiter Use Cases for ChatGPT – Part 3 – Ethics & Concerns


We have to keep going with ChatGPT, because whilst we are getting the hang of how it works for us, we are also beginning to see the outline of the challenges ahead of us. From AI hallucinations, overly authoritative single answers, political ideology baked into responses, crazy outputs from jailbreaks, as well as a host of legal and ethical issues stemming from the use of training data by human hand. Let’s go through the major areas of ethical concern in the use of ChatGPT for Recruiting.


We will discuss:


– AI Hallucinations

– Dangerous knowledge made more accessible

– Lack of equivocation – everything is plausibly true

– Death of the Internet (we stop searching)

– Copy right / Copy wrong

– Inevitable rise of spam

– End of trust


And what the way forward for recruiters will be in the post ChatGPT world!


We’re with Irina Shamaeva, Founder (Brain Gain), Mark Deubel, Recruiter (GitLab), Matt Burney, VP (Indeed), Tony Fish, Lecturer AI & Ethics (London School of Economics) & friends



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