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31: Episode 31: Hiring the Right People at the Right Time with Wendy Taylor
Talent Tide with Chris Nichols | Jan. 31st 2023

In this episode, The Talent Tide discusses what measures are necessary to have a successful talent acquisition process and business with Wendy Taylor, a Senior Executive and Leadership Advisor, Silicon Country.  Wendy has 15 years management consulting experience leading over 50 engagements worth many millions of dollars for global Fortune...

30: Episode 30: 2023 Labor Market Preview
Talent Tide with Chris Nichols | Jan. 19th 2023

a preview of the 2023 Labor Market with Jay Denton, Chief Analytics Officer for Labor IQ including topics such as:Hiring outlook for 2023Location and Industry ImpactsWomen in the WorkforceSalary TransparencyImpacts of InflationAbout JayJay serves as chief analytics officer for ThinkWhy®, charged with leading the product and market analysis business units...

29: Episode 29: How to Become a Great Leader with Glynn Perry
Talent Tide with Chris Nichols | Nov. 29th 2022

In this episode, Chris discusses what it takes to be a great leader with Glynn Perry, Founder and Principal at JGP Leadership Advisors, LLC.In this episode Glynn covers topics including:Servant Leadership Supporting women and minorities in leadershipWhat are the typical blind spots leaders haveA proven leader and strategist, Glynn Perry brings...

28: Episode 28:  How Games Can Improve Interpersonal Skills with Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks
Talent Tide with Chris Nichols | Nov. 15th 2022

In this episode, Chris discusses the benefits of using games to develop interpersonal skills among employees and leaders with Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks.Topics Include:1.     Engagement and retention2.     Maximizing cultural intelligence in the workplace3.     HR Tech - combining team-building, analytics, and upskilling4.     Making vulnerability at work comfortableLauren Fitzpatrick...

27: Episode 27:  How Can
Talent Tide with Chris Nichols | Nov. 8th 2022

In this episode, Chris discusses how leaders can better their TA System by just being human with Gary Benedik.  Gary is an old-school head-hunter evolving into a digital transformation geek, which made him the perfect guest for this week's show.  He is efficiency-obsessed, truly believe that talent is the key...

26: Episode 26:  How Can Technology Optimize the Hiring Process? with Prem Kumar
Talent Tide with Chris Nichols | Oct. 18th 2022

In this episode, Chris discusses the benefits of using AI in the hiring process.  Prem Kumar the CEO and Co-founder of Humanly was the perfect guest!Listen as Prem shares his expertise on topics such as:candidate experiencemeasuring interview efficacy and equity and the impact to candidate outcomesautomation, ai, and tech in...

25: Episode 25: How to Have a More Effective TA System with Steve O'Brien
Talent Tide with Chris Nichols | Oct. 11th 2022

In this episode, Chris discusses how to have a more effective TA system with Steve O'Brien.  They discuss talent attraction strategies including phone screens, diversity, compensation, and many more!About SteveSteve O'Brien serves as the SVP of Talent Acquisition- Clinical & Corporate for Syneos HealthHe began his career in agency search,...

24: Episode 24: Who is Job.com? with Arran Stewart
Talent Tide with Chris Nichols | Oct. 4th 2022

In this episode, Chris and Arran go into detail about who is Job.com.  Listeners will find out Job.com mission and vision for the future, details of how the company came to be, and more information about it's co-founder, Arran Stewart.Arran Stewart is the Co-founder and CVO of Job.com.

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