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EP 85: Learn why understanding philosophical and psychological concepts are critical to effective leadership, hiring, and developing talent

May 30th, 2023

Talent Acquisition Trends & Strategy

Join host James Mackey and special guest Sandy Gould as they delve into the intricate relationship between philosophy, psychology, and leadership.

They unravel the concepts of individualism and collectivism, drawing inspiration from influential philosophers. From Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged” to Aristotle’s Golden Mean, they connect these philosophical and psychological insights to real-world applications, emphasizing the significance of understanding individuals’ contexts and environments in shaping their perspectives.

The conversations extend beyond philosophy alone. They discuss the evolving landscape of talent acquisition and the need for a mindset shift. They explore the limitations of relying solely on experience as the primary criterion for hiring and propose a new approach that focuses on adaptability, compatibility, and accelerated learning. 

The discussion highlights the importance of diverse perspectives and the growth potential when individuals are given opportunities to stretch beyond their comfort zones.

James and Sandy highlight the importance of outcome-focused approaches and the impact of internal hiring versus external recruitment. 

Lastly, they examine the opportunities presented by internal promotions and discuss the perfect ratio of internal hiring to external hiring.

   0:46 Sandy Gould's background
   2:38 The journey of discovering his superpowers
  7:00  Ayn Rand’s perspective on what a good mission looks like
12:06 Tying psychology and philosophy to real-world application
15:02 The concept of theoretical anarchy
18:30 The importance of critical thinking and independent thinking
22:44 Shifting recruiter mindset to adaptability and compatibility
27:37 Three things that are becoming more heavily weighted in the recruitment process
32:41 Why it’s good to hire people who have done 75% of the job before
37:05 Hiring people with superpowers
38:09 The importance of having an outcome-focused approach
41:47 Recruiters are business evangelising humanists and become an important circulatory system for company
54:07 The perfect ratio of internal hiring to external hiring

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