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S2 E36: How to build a talent first organization? The importance of having a data-driven approach to hiring w Boris Epstein, former Head of TA at Robinhood
Talent Acquisition Trends & Strategy | Jun. 1st 2023

Join host James Mackey on this value-packed episode as he sits down with Boris Epstein, Founder of Binc and former Head of TA at Robinhood, a well-known expert in recruiting and building talent-first organizations. The conversation dives into the topic of how to attract and retain top talent, with a specific...

S2 E35: Learn why understanding philosophical and psychological concepts are critical to effective leadership, hiring, and developing talent
Talent Acquisition Trends & Strategy | May. 30th 2023

Join host James Mackey and special guest Sandy Gould as they delve into the intricate relationship between philosophy, psychology, and leadership.They unravel the concepts of individualism and collectivism, drawing inspiration from influential philosophers. From Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged” to Aristotle’s Golden Mean, they connect these philosophical and...

S2 E34: How AI will impact recruitment, HR, and the employee journey.
Talent Acquisition Trends & Strategy | May. 25th 2023

In this episode, host James Mackey and his guest Jason Radisson, CEO at Movo, delve into the evolving landscape of AI and its impact on software companies, particularly in the realms of recruitment and HR.They explore the deeper implications and discuss how it will shape the future of talent acquisition...

S2 E33: How to build a healthy startup culture and the challenges of hiring talent. The hidden costs associated with hiring the wrong people.
Talent Acquisition Trends & Strategy | May. 23rd 2023

Join our host James Mackey and his guest Connor Swalm, CEO at Phin Security for an insightful episode as they dive into the world of startups, focusing on the challenges and strategies involved in hiring talent, scaling teams, and fostering a strong company culture.They discuss how to scale a startup...

S2 E32: Introducing The Hiring Success Show
Talent Acquisition Trends & Strategy | May. 22nd 2023

Formerly known as Talent Acquisition Trends and Strategy, we are rebranding ourselves as The Hiring Success Show. This shift is to better reflect our mission to help leaders make hiring a competitive advantage. Join our host, James Mackey, and guests as they discuss various topics, with episodes ranging from high-level...

S2 E31: How to avoid catfish tech candidates. Promoting vs. hiring leaders. ChatGPT's impact on software development.
Talent Acquisition Trends & Strategy | May. 18th 2023

In this episode, our host James Mackey and his guest Joseph Rose, President at JBS Custom Software Solutions, explore the world of technical hiring and leadership.  James and Joe discuss various methods to detect and mitigate fraudulent behavior and how to incorporate these strategies into the hiring process, so you...

S2 E30: Part 2: Writer's strike. When CEO's fumble on bonus conversations. Layoffs vs. pay cuts. Recession pricing strategies.
Talent Acquisition Trends & Strategy | May. 16th 2023

In this episode, host James Mackey and his guests dive into the complex issue of the ongoing writer's strike, examining its causes, implications, and potential outcomes. The conversation begins with an overview of the writer's strike and the main concerns driving it, including the impact of inflation and the decline...

S2 E30: Panel part I: How sci-fi movies and AI could change how we hire. We discuss how quickly AI will disrupt jobs and what we can do to prepare.
Talent Acquisition Trends & Strategy | May. 11th 2023

In this provocative episode, our host James Mackey and guest panelists (TA executives) are debating the future of jobs, exploring the latest report of the World Economic Forum.They delve into the report's findings, including the prediction that approximately 23% of jobs could be disrupted within the next five years, and...

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