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The Art of Building and Retaining High Performing Recruitment Teams An Expert Interview With Katy Green

April 19th, 2023

The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast

Continuing our April series of guest podcasts, I am delighted to introduce and welcome the fabulous Katy Green from Centred Excellence as a returning guest.

Katy has 23 years of experience in the recruitment industry. Following a successful career with Aspire, where she became MD of Aspire Digital, Katy joined Centred Excellence as Nicky Coffin’s business partner.

With her business partner Nicky Coffin, Katy specialises in helping business owners who want to scale to 7 and 8 figures. As a result, Katy knows a thing or two about what it takes to build a high-performing team.

We cover a variety of topics in our conversation, all of which are fundamental elements
to have in place in any recruitment company if you aspire to grow and scale and want to build a high-performing team.

Listen as Katy expands on the critical elements of a strong foundation:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Principles

Katy emphasises that the company’s vision needs to be clear, inspirational, and communicated effectively so that the vision becomes a driving force that motivates employees to act outside their comfort zones.

In addition, values and principles are vital to the culture and must be cascaded down to each individual’s job and responsibility.

Building on this, Katy shared that it’s essential for team members to understand their roles and responsibilities within the team and the organisation and to know what behaviours and actions are expected of them to achieve high performance.

She expands on the role of leaders in identifying and utilising individual strengths within a team. Katy explains that productivity and energy are multiplied by recognising team members’ unique abilities and assigning tasks accordingly.

Katy suggests that leaders also need to understand the mindset of their team members, as self-sabotaging beliefs and lack of skills can prevent them from acting. Helping their team overcome these emotional states and acquiring the skills required to perform at their best is
a fundamental part of a leader’s role.

During the conversation, we explored what needs to be in place to ensure that a business is future-proofing teams by understanding roles and responsibilities and having clear expectations and measurements of performance.

Here we discussed the significance of having measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) and transparent processes and systems in a business. Katy stressed that having measurable KPIs is essential for giving people something to strive for and perform above and understanding the importance of their role within the company. She also highlighted that clear business processes and systems are crucial for consistency, accountability, and growth.

Katy explained that developing and implementing systems and processes is crucial for small business owners who want to scale their businesses.

She stressed the need for owners to work in their area of strength and recruit additional team members to buy back time, as time is more valuable than money.
Expanding on this, Katy suggested that by spending 70% of your time in your super strength, you can generate 10-100 times more profit for the business.

As our conversation turned to marketing, which is critical in scaling and growing a recruitment business, Katy described the importance of understanding your clients and candidates and their pain points and desires to create a message that stands out from the competition.

We discussed how marketing messages work most effectively when they speak directly to a company’s ideal client and candidate avatar. This makes attracting and retaining them so much easier.

You can contact Katy by email: [email protected] or connect with her here

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