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Why Cold Outreach Is Simple Though Not Always An Easy Strategy To Use
The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast | Mar. 29th 2023

Today, I want to talk about cold outreach and some good facts and some not so-easy to hear. Cold outreach is a pretty simple process; however, it’s not easy, and getting your mind around it is hard for some people. I remember back in the day; I cut my teeth...

The Best Questions Ever To Use In Your 90 Day Marketing Review
The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast | Mar. 22nd 2023

This week our focus is your marketing review. As many of you know, we’re big fans from our corporate days of the 90-day planning process, which works incredibly well if you want to keep on track and keep things happening in your business. Today I want to share the questions...

Recruitment Marketing: The What and Why Of Authority Content
The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast | Mar. 13th 2023

Last month we ran a live training class on creating a lead generation system for your recruitment company. We shared a process called The Lead Generation Triad which we have developed over the years; when you implement all the parts consistently, leads will arrive in your business One part of...

International Women’s Day- Handling What Life Throws At You and Scaling Your Recruitment Company With Dawn Bannister
The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast | Mar. 8th 2023

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day with an interview with one of our amazing clients Dawn Bannister the M.D. of KSB Recruitment. A thirty-year recruitment ‘veteran’, midwife, and innovative business owner Dawn has an amazing story to tell today as we celebrate IWD and all things that embrace Equity. Sharon:...

The 5 (Key) Benefits of Using An Outsourced Marketing Director For Small SME Recruiters
The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast | Mar. 1st 2023

As a recruitment business owner, it can be challenging to manage and direct all aspects of your business, especially when it comes to marketing, a skill set that many leaders in the recruitment and staffing space haven’t developed yet. Yet the truth is marketing is critical to the growth and...

Recruitment Marketing Questions: To SEO or Not To SEO ?
The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast | Feb. 22nd 2023

SEO was ‘THE’ thing companies wanted ten years ago. Then Google went off the wall with multiple updates and challenges to the SEO community and the shift in focus for many moved to social media. And now more SEO conversations are happening again as companies look for different ways to...

Before You Start Measuring Your Marketing, Read This
The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast | Feb. 15th 2023

As a recruitment business owner, measuring the impact of your marketing and all the effort you are putting in is critical to ensure that you are getting an R.O.I. on what you are doing; whether that is increasing your brand awareness or the number of candidates and client leads you...

The Biggest Marketing Challenges For Recruitment Owners This Year
The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast | Feb. 7th 2023

The recruitment and staffing sector has gone through a few crazy years from the weird start to this decade: talent shortages, the best years ever, counter offers galore, and a recession impacting certain tech businesses that no one expected. All of this brings us back to something critical for any...

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