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Recruitment Websites 101: Accelerating The Impact Of Your About Us Page

May 2nd, 2023

The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast

Today we are starting a series about making the most of your recruitment website and beginning with your about us page.

Now, this page on your website, believe it or not, is one of the most visited pages. This page stands out when we look at the data from our client’s websites.

From our own perspective, we run four or five different websites for our own brands and businesses. On every single website that we have consistently after the homepage and after our blog, the About Us Page stands out as one that gets a huge amount of traffic.

Now why is that?

Well, that is the case, and it’s the same for everybody because we live in a connected world. People want to know who they are working with.

They want to know more about you and your brand.

They’ve landed on your homepage, and maybe not got all the information that they want, so they’re going to click About Us, and they’re going to go and look at you and check you out.

Because what they’re doing is validating in their mind who these people are and how they can help me.

Some people I know have not even got an About Us Page.

If you haven’t, hopefully, after you have listened to this podcast, you will create one.

Don’t just slap any content on it; add useful content.

I will give you four areas to consider so that you make sure that you accelerate the ability of your About Us Page to help support you and your brand.

As you do that, there’s a theme to utilize because your About Us Page isn’t about you.

You don’t need to talk about your personal life or what football team you support.

What you want to make your About Us Page relate to is about you and your brand and how that can help your ideal client or candidate avatar.

Always remember that every page on your website is there to demonstrate to people how you can help them.

Let’s share these four areas.

How You Started Your Recruitment Brand

Talk about who you are, maybe, how long you’ve been in business, why you started the brand, and why you got into recruitment in the first place.

You could use a timeline.

Many of you I know who listen to this particular podcast have been around for a few years, and you’ve just started getting into marketing.

How about talking to people about your journey and story over the last few years?

I know some people that listen to us, and many of our clients have been in business for ten, twenty and one clients that have been in business for over thirty years.

Here you can talk about your passion for recruitment and how you love ensuring people are in the right role with the right company.

What Makes You and Your Brand Unique?

Secondly, the second thing you want to cover is what makes you and your brand unique. I’ve alluded that you might have been around a long time. Maybe you have sector expertise in the marketplace that you’re serving. I don’t know; perhaps you used to be an accountant, maybe you used to be an engineer, perhaps you used to be a pharmaceutical sales rep, whatever it was, and you thought, “Hang on a minute here, recruitment isn’t done well. I could do this better.”

This is something that will make you stand out.

How about how many people you’ve placed, the type of service you deliver, and how you consistently support people?

You can discuss many things here about you, your brand, and what makes you unique.

What Are Your Brand Values and Beliefs?

Third, let’s talk about your brand values and beliefs. We may have touched on these in a couple of the other sections that I’ve just mentioned, but really, people want to know about you, what you stand for, and what the experience of working with you will be like.

Make sure that people know about your strategy, the processes you will use, how you support candidates and clients, how fast you can work, and the speed you can deliver.

Why Should Customers Choose You?

Finally, you want to consider why customers should choose you. Here you can talk about the number of candidates you’ve placed and the number of clients you’ve helped.

You can also put some of your testimonial snippets here, and you can talk about maybe the guarantee you have with your service.

Communicate these important pieces because your candidate and client’s brain is looking for this.

They are looking for unconscious ticks in their mind.

Are they any good?

What experience do they have?

Ah, they’ve got real experience of the role I want to gain next and about my career.

How We Can Help You Build Your Website Into A Marketing Machine

We have been working with our recruitment clients for over fifteen years, helping them develop their marketing and websites to attract the candidates and clients they want. This is part of our role as your outsourced marketing director as a Superfast Circle member; if you want to learn more, book a call with us here.



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