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Convincers For Client and Candidate Conversion

December 7th, 2022

The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast

Today’s podcast gives you a sneak peek of one of the elements of Superfast Circle and the private podcast we provide.

This particular recording is transcribed below for you, and the topic is increasing conversions.

Hi there, everyone; this is Denise, with another marketing quick hit as we cycle through November. Over the next few weeks, I want to share one or two conversations we had at the event around messaging.

Many of you are thinking about what will happen next year; how do we convince more candidates and clients to buy from us?

I want to share some of the key reasons why people buy and align this with some important communication points to get across.

When purchasing a service from a B2B supplier, think about what is important for people as they’re making that buying decision and what are some of the buttons that need to be ticked or pressed for them to say yes.

The first couple of things I want to share with you are around one, having a unique strategy, and the second around structure.

If you think about this as strategy and structure, and then over the coming couple of weeks remaining in November, I’m going to share three other important elements to pull in.

I wish I could say I’ve developed this myself, though I’ve adapted it for the recruitment space. Some of you will have heard of a guy, I’m sure, called Brendon Burchard; he’s a coach trainer. He talks about why people buy, what he calls the atmosphere, and the energy around people buying that you need to ensure you are communicating.

Your Unique Strategy

Let’s look at your unique strategy. Some of you probably think, “Yes, but we’re not that unique, Denise.” As you will remember from the conversations we had at the event, you most certainly are unique, particularly when you talk about how you deliver a service and how you have got the experience over many, many years about the way that you work with candidates and the way that you work with clients.

You need to list why you are different, which you all are. Some of you have worked in corporate settings before, you’ve worked for Hays, Michael Page, whatever, and you have a level of experience that others haven’t.

Some of you have been an MD and worked in that particular sector yourself, so you have that element you can add to your strategy. Hence, people know that you understand more about the recruitment space in your specific sector.

The particular strategy that you have may involve video interviewing. Yes, some other people do that, but they might not do it like you do. There might be a particular process around that, that you have honed, that you might have your 10, 15, 20 stage process that you do.

Please don’t assume that everyone does it the same as you. We know that we have spoken to many recruitment companies, staffing organisations, and executive search over the years, and everyone does it a bit differently. Some people focus on one element; other people focus on another.

Depending on your ideal buying persona, your avatar, and different elements that might be important for them, you will find this out as you’re talking to them. Think about your unique strategy. Of course, one of the reasons I’m sharing this on the podcast is to come onto the calls and have a conversation with Sharon and I because some of you have been with us a long time, we know you and your business, and we can shine a light on you that maybe you’re not shining on yourself.

Who hasn’t had that situation where you think you’re not particularly good at something, and one of your friends will turn around and say, “Don’t be ridiculous. You’re amazing at that”?

It’s because sometimes we don’t always hold the mirror up to ourselves to see how good we are at different things and what does make us unique.

Your Structure

The second thing I want to talk about here is structure. People love structure. They want to know how they will be handheld through the process.

Depending on the size of the company they’re working with, some individuals may not know or understand how the whole talent process works.

Yes, you would be surprised that isn’t always the case. When I was recruiting back in the day, I thought I knew everything. When I worked with a few experienced farmer recruiters, I realised I knew “&~! all!

It’s ensuring that you explain the structure to them and make them feel taken care of. Sometimes this is unconscious; they don’t always communicate with you that this is what they need. If you explain to me, “Okay, what’s going to happen first is this, then this is going to happen, then I provide this, then I do X.”

Remember, we’ve talked about this in the past, particularly around candidates that you have a wealth of content that we give you from SFR that you can use throughout the candidate and client journey.

As a member of the circle, what about the fact that, well, as we go through this process, we give you this, we provide this for you in your first 30 days, to how to excel, we provide you with a whole interviewing cheat sheet, we provide you with this? We have so much material that you could use in this situation.

Think about the structure. People do love to be led.

I remember reading something of Seth Godin’s a couple of weekends ago when he was talking about the key thing missing for many people: the need to be led. Even though they don’t ask for it, they want to know the structure.

We’re in uncertain times when we’re in uncertain times, people need direction, and they need to know, what are we doing now?

What do we do next? How’s that going to help me?

Over this week, those are two things to ponder and think about how can we as a team communicate this?

Look at some of our social media and copy, and you will recognise the process. We’ll send various images out, and you’ll notice on an image that it might be someone with their head in their hands or somebody sitting at a desk. There’s one we have with a marketer seated at a desk saying, “I just don’t know where to start.”

Then we talk about structure and how we give people structure, and you’ll see how we link the two. If you imagine, what are some things you could start thinking about as you go through this process?

We talked today about unique strategy, and then obviously, we’re going to talk about structure.

Then over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to share the next three critical things. Listen in next Monday for the next two ideas.



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