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Ep 494: Confidence and Resilience

February 3rd, 2023

Whatever part of the industry you are in, you will be facing uncertain times as we start to move through 2023. On top of the obvious economic factors, Talent Acquisition is heading into a period of dramatic reinvention right in the middle of a trend of TA layoffs, a conundrum at a time of continuing talent shortages and candidate-driven markets.

Whether you are looking for a new role, reinventing your existing role or getting promoted, confidence is critical. It’s also something that we don’t talk about enough, particularly when it comes to building more of it and dealing with imposter syndrome.

My guest this week is Jess Jones, an influencer, content creator and DE&I talent lead. Jess recently wrote a book about building confidence called “Own It”. Her experience in TA gives her a unique perspective on how we talk (or rather don’t talk) about confidence and resilience in our industry, and she has some great advice to share.

In the interview, we discuss:

• Confidence in the workplace

• Tackling imposter syndrome

• “Owning it”

• Empowering people to be more confident

• The snakes and ladders of work in 2023

• The five-second rule

• Does social media make things more complicated?

• The myth of perfection and the importance of being vulnerable

• Curiosity

• Showing up and leading by example

• AI & TA

• Internal mobility

• Using creators and influences to target specific pools of talent

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