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Ep 573: The Power Of Employee Value Propositions
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | Dec. 1st 2023

Employer Value Propositions are potent tools that attract talent, retain talent and shape the future of organizations. However, we don’t talk about EVPS enough, and they are regularly confused with Employer Brands when they are discussed. So, what are the benefits of an effective EVP, and do you define one?...

Ep 572 – Generative AI: Capabilities and Limitations
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | Nov. 29th 2023

AI is a game changer for talent acquisition, and as we start to move from the hype phase to the doing phase, its potential capabilities and current limitations are becoming more apparent. So what can and can’t AI do for talent acquisition right now, and how will things develop in...

Ep 571 – The Road Ahead For Talent Acquisition
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | Nov. 24th 2023

As we come to the end of another interesting year, I know that many of you will be looking towards 2024 and planning for the new year ahead. One of the best things about 2023 for me has been the opportunity to get back on stage and start presenting again....

Ep 570: Sustainable Hiring
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | Nov. 22nd 2023

The overhiring in the technology sector at the end of the pandemic, the resulting layoffs, and the knock-on effects on talent acquisition have been well-documented this year. However, big tech isn’t the only area where this has happened. Other talent markets have also been through a similar journey. So how...

Building In Public – Episode One
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | Nov. 21st 2023

Whenever I ask people questions about the future on the podcast, I always caveat the question by saying that no one can predict the future. However, you can develop tools, knowledge and techniques to give you strategic foresight to plan for the future. Once you start properly planning for the...

Ep 569: Culture and Connection In Distributed Teams
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | Nov. 17th 2023

Three and a half years on from the first pandemic lockdowns, the debate about returning to the office still rages on. However, despite all the noise this year, as some large well-known companies tried yet again to force their employees back to the office, many employers have embraced the reality...

Ep 568: Reshaping Talent Strategies
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | Nov. 15th 2023

The last 18 months have seen colossal talent market disruption in the tech industry, with large-scale layoffs continuing as the companies attempt to rebalance after a post-pandemic hiring frenzy. So how has this ongoing disruption affected start-up and scale-up businesses in the tech sector, and what lessons could the wider...

Ep 567: The Strategic Future Of Talent Acquisition
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | Nov. 10th 2023

Transforming TA into a strategic function that can prove its long-term value to the business has been a critical topic on the show this year. AI, uneven talent markets and challenging economic factors continue to cause widespread market disruption, and TA leaders need to drive their function in a more...

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