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Ep 525:  Using AI As A Co-Pilot
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | May. 30th 2023

The vast amount of hype, speculation, opinion and hyperbole around generative AI can make it difficult to know how to start integrating it into the talent acquisition workflow. The long-term implications of AI for talent acquisition are profound, and it is essential for TA teams to get fully up to...

Ep 524: Keeping The Needle Moving On DE&I
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | May. 26th 2023

Many employers have been publically committing to making DE&I their most important focus for several years now. However, as the economy becomes more challenging and some companies roll back from flexible working, is the needle still moving on diversity, and is it still the business priority that we were promised...

Ep 523: Overcoming Remote Challenges
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | May. 24th 2023

Elon Musk, David Soloman and Sam Altman are three CEOs who have recently publicly spoken out against remote and hybrid work. Problems with communication, productivity, skills transfer and culture are some of the most common issues cited but does dragging people back to the office really make these things better?...

Ep 522: Neuroinclusion
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | May. 19th 2023

According to recent estimates, between 15 and 20 percent of the world’s population is neurodivergent. Although our understanding of the brain has taken some massive leaps forward, a large proportion of neurodivergent people do not have a formal diagnosis. The advantages for employers with neuroinclusive cultures are significant. Not only...

Ep 521: Rebuilding Employer Brands
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | May. 17th 2023

There is a strong argument that Employer Branding has never been more relevant or important. The last few months have seen many employers making layoffs as they respond to market conditions and some sense of normalization after the pandemic. It’s fair to say that some employers and potentially whole industries...

Ep 520: Human Storytelling
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | May. 13th 2023

Storytelling is one of the things that makes humans human. In recruitment marketing and employer branding, stories persuade, create empathy and drive the emotional connections that make people take action. With the rise of automation and generative AI, human-based storytelling will likely be a critical differentiator between employers. So do...

Ep 519: Recruiterless Recruiting?
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | May. 10th 2023

I recently hosted a webinar on the future of talent acquisition and asked the audience to consider this question. Will there ever be as many recruiters again as there were in August 2022? The arrival of universally available generative AI and a harsh economic climate has caused the perfect storm...

Ep 518: Talking About The Future
Recruiting Future with Matt Alder | May. 5th 2023

At the beginning of May, I attended UNLEASH America as a podcaster and panel host. It was UNLEASH’s biggest event to date in the US, and the content and conversations were excellent. As you can imagine, the implications of Generative AI dominated the discussion. From talking to a range of...

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