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The State of Employee Advocacy, with Ed Terpening of Altimeter Group

May 24th, 2016

How do you tap into the power of an engaged workforce on social media? To find out, I’ve had a chat with Ed Terpening of Altimeter Group who has done extensive research in the employee advocacy space.

Questions for Ed:

Tell us about “Social Media Employee Advocacy: Tapping into the Power of an Engaged Workforce.” What results do brands expect when they invest in employee advocacy? Would you say social selling is part of employee advocacy? How do employee posts compare to social advertising? How long it will take before platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn turn off APIs to employee advocacy platforms? What motivates employees to advocate on social? How can you address concerns that some employees will have about sharing company updates to friends and family? How does employee advocacy scale? What type of networks do you see brands using for internal/external social success? According to this study, employees share job postings and daily workplace life the most – haven’t we all seen enough job postings on social already? Where do employees share employee advocacy updates? According to the study, Facebook is in the lead. If we look at the profile of employee advocates, who are the leaders, who are the people who are on the leader boards? How do social media users respond to employee advocacy updates turning up in their feeds? Should employee advocacy updates carry a specific label for transparency? What is the difference between employee advocacy in Europe vs. North America? How do you measure ROI of employee advocacy programs? What should brands avoid in order to get ROI from employee advocacy? What’s the best employee advocacy technology? Who inspires you online and what brands do you think have found success in employee advocacy?

So just a couple in other words.

This week’s big shout goes out to Link Humans’ new home work.life and our tip of the week is “A Kickstart Guide to Corporate Hashtags”, by Ben Donkor.

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