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How Google Reaches Top Tech Talent in APAC, with Glynnis Quek of Google
Employer Branding Podcast | Sep. 21st 2023

The Asia-Pacific region contains a wide variety of cultures, languages, and challenges that present a unique set of challenges for employer branding. We find out how Google’s strategy for reaching the top tech talent in the region. Glynnis Quek is the APAC Online Marketing Lead at Google. Glynnis Quek on...

When Your Organization Is Famous for Your Employer Brand, with Sergio Ezama of Netflix
Employer Branding Podcast | Aug. 23rd 2023

Netflix is famous for its “Seeking Culture” memo. So what is it like to run employer branding at a company with a reputation for its unique approach to company culture? Sergio Ezama is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Netflix. Sergio Ezama on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergioezama/ Jobs at Netflix: https://jobs.netflix.com/ Subscribe...

How Employer Brand Index Data Can Help with EVP Development, with Marie Codet of Mars
Employer Branding Podcast | Jul. 20th 2023

Mars is a large, multinational organization with business units in everything from candy to pet care. So what happens when they need to refresh their EVP? We find out how they used Employer Brand Index data to help them find something that works. Marie Codet is the Global Employer Reputation...

Powering Up Employer Brand by Upskilling the Recruitment Team, with Carolina Guillen of HelloFresh
Employer Branding Podcast | Jun. 28th 2023

At HelloFresh, the Employer Branding team takes an Agile approach with cross-functional training focused on upskilling recruiters into marketing. We talk about how this leads to more creativity, more opportunities, and a more responsive employer brand. Carolina Guillen is the Head of Global Talent Marketing and Engagement at HelloFresh. Carolina...

Using Targeted Marketing to Attract Passive Candidates, with Kelly Cruse of Atlas World Group
Employer Branding Podcast | May. 3rd 2023

With employment in the US at an all-time high, we talk to one company that has found success targeting passive candidates: talent that isn’t necessarily actively looking for a job but might make the move for the right fit. Kelly Cruse is the VP of HR and Chief Diversity Officer...

How to Activate an EVP Across a Wide-Ranging Organization, with Kayla Branham of ADT
Employer Branding Podcast | Mar. 1st 2023

Our guest today was tasked with staking out an EVP at ADT, a longstanding organization with a wide range of employee personas. We talk about how they developed their EVP and their strategy to activate it throughout the business. Kayla Branham is the Marketing Manager of Talent Acquisition at ADT....

Employer Branding That Resonates with Younger Talent, with Monica Kielawa of Wish
Employer Branding Podcast | Jan. 25th 2023

For tech companies, a major challenge is reaching Millennials and Gen Z with employer branding that resonates with them. We talk about how Wish uses platforms like TikTok, Instagram, SnapChat, and more with messaging that is authentic, sincere, and engaging. Monica Kielawa is the Manager of Employer Branding, Talent Communications,...

How a Bangalore Tech Company Built Their EVP, with Malliga Rajkumar of Flipkart
Employer Branding Podcast | Nov. 23rd 2022

Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in India. We interview Malliga Rajkumar, Senior Director of HR and Talent Branding Lead, to find out how they built and activated their EVP. Malliga Rajkumar is the Senior Director of Human Resources and Talent Branding Lead at Flipkart. Malliga Rajkumar on...

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