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How to Use Slack for Recruiting, with Angela Bortolussi

September 19th, 2016

Slack. Do you use it? Great way of making people communicate within organisations. But did you realise it can also be used for recruiting? I’ve spoken to our great buddy Angela Bortolussi to get the scoop.

Questions for Angela:

Please remind our listeners all about Recruiting Social and what you do there. What is Slack all about? Can anyone join Slack? Why would we be using Slack for recruiting? What’s a step-by-step approach to actually using Slack for recruiting? Just to clarify on these Slack channels, all they open channels like a Facebook or a LinkedIn group? Where exactly do you find Slack channels? With Slack etiquette and recruiting on Slack in general, what are some of the pitfalls to avoid? Have you calculated the ROI, the return on investment on using Slack for recruiting purposes? How long will it take before every recruiter on the planet joins Slack? What are your favourite Slack integrations?

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