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October 19th, 2023 • 3 Minutes

Recruiting for a single position isn’t always a walk in the park. Now imagine the challenges of hiring on a much larger scale – trying to fill hundreds, even thousands of roles at once. In the modern recruitment landscape, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have become indispensable. However, not all ATS platforms are created equal. 

While some are adept at handling standard recruitment processes, others are better equipped to address the complexities of bulk hiring. For recruiters in industries with rapid growth or fluctuating seasonal demands, such as chain restaurants, manufacturing plants, or construction companies, choosing the right ATS can make a valuable difference. 

It’s not just about tracking applicants—it’s about efficiently managing a vast influx of candidates and ensuring quality hires in a short period of time.

To make the stakes even higher, when recruitment strategies fall short, consequences can be dire. Hasty hiring decisions can diminish morale and reduce workforce productivity.

Luckily there are tools out there tailored to transform high volume hiring challenges into opportunities.

Why High Volume Hiring Matters

In the fast-paced realm of high volume hiring, every day without a full team can cost an organization. A survey of recruiting professionals from Aptitude Research and Fountain found that 65% of companies have high volume hiring needs. Whether it’s a restaurant chain preparing for a busy summer season, a manufacturing plant ramping up production, or a construction company taking on a new project, the ability to quickly onboard a large number of employees can often make or break these businesses. 

However, high volume hiring is not merely about speed; it’s also about securing top talent. The need for skilled, committed employees remains paramount, even when hiring in bulk. Consequently, high volume recruiters must strike a balance between quantity and quality.

Navigating the Terrain

High volume recruiters face several unique challenges, and understanding these challenges is the first step towards mastering this domain.

  • Variation in Candidate Volume: The volume of candidates can vary significantly, depending on factors like the labor market’s health. Recruiters may find ample applicants during a labor market upswing, but during downturns, they must continue to deliver candidates. This fluctuation is a central challenge, and managing it effectively is key to success.
  • Candidate Speed: Speed is of the essence in high volume hiring. Rapid responses are critical to securing candidates, as applicants often consider multiple opportunities simultaneously. Delays can lead to losing potential hires.
  • Candidate Performance: Another challenge involves ensuring that the candidates recruited perform well in their roles. The pressure for rapid onboarding can sometimes mean less time for thorough evaluation, and misaligned expectations can lead to early attrition.
  • Administrative Tasks: High volume recruiters often find themselves bogged down in administrative tasks, like posting job listings and updating descriptions. Automating these tasks can significantly streamline the recruitment process.
  • Tech Overload: The sheer number of tech tools and solutions needed in high volume recruiting can be overwhelming. While they are crucial for efficient hiring, managing them all can be a headache.

The Best Applicant Tracking Systems for High Volume Hiring

Research from found that only 45% of organizations surveyed strongly agree that their high-volume hiring strategy is effective. Hiring teams must utilize technology, including applicant tracking systems (ATS) and automation tools, to efficiently handle extensive applicant pools, candidate screening, interview scheduling, and candidate progress tracking.

Here are some of the best applicant tracking systems for high-volume hiring: 

  • Fountain: Used by brands like Sweetgreen, GoPuff, and Deliveroo, Fountain specializes in high-volume hiring and leverages the power of automation and artificial intelligence to find and hire the right candidates. 
  • Recruit CRM: Recruit CRM is a versatile recruitment software system that can function as both a CRM and an ATS. The platform offers comprehensive support for managing clients, applicants, job ads, and much more, all within a single, all-encompassing platform.
  • Weirdly: Weirdly combines the expected volume-ATS features like automation and configurable workflow elements, including bucket-based workflows for bulk actions, automated interview scheduling, and contract administration, offering full automation for optimal speed. Additionally, there’s a manager app for store/hiring managers to handle communication with recruiters.
  • ClearCompany: For enterprise-grade HR software needs, ClearCompany is a one-stop destination. Their ATS integrates with a range of solutions, including onboarding, performance management, employee engagement, and workforce planning.
  • Phenom: Phenom has a specialized high-volume ATS that helps address hourly and front line staffing needs faster with AI, automation, and personalization.
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