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How to Get Employees to Help Generate Visibility on Social Media

Nathalie Cano BY Nathalie Cano / March 1st, 2022 / 2 MIN READ

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Social media departments are essential nowadays. Whether it is in-house or you outsource it, allowing for your followers to see the right image of you is imperative. When it comes to a small company that does its own social media it may be stressful and difficult to figure out who will brainstorm, research, and post for your company. That is why it is very important to create a schedule that includes all the employees in the social media department and their designated days/weeks they are in charge of posting for the company on their platforms. While trying to brainstorm about what I wanted to update my company’s blog about, I found a great tweet from a well-known PR agency and it inspired me to read an article about training employees to handle Social Media.

Ragan.com, is one of my favorite websites, in fact, I subscribe to their PR Daily e-newsletters, and often that becomes my source for my daily tweet. The article “Infographic: How to train employees to handle social media” offers insight on how to best assist employees when it comes to teaching them about Social Media. I found it insightful since my generation has grown up using Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and then there are older generations who have no idea what it means when someone mentions Social Media. Every office has a mixed group, but everyone understands the concept and uses Social Media in one way or another.

Editorial Assistant for Ragan.com, Kristin Piombino,  offers some advice in the article when it comes to training employees in Social Media,” for example, employees who didn’t grow up with social media but understand it should focus on learning the platforms the company wants to use and brainstorming ways to engage on them. Digital contrarians, or those who believe social media is a fad, should learn how social platforms work and how they can help a company.”

Check out the infographic from Mindflash for some additional insight on how to train employees when it comes to the implementation of Social Media.

How are you engaging employees on social media?

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Nathalie Cano

Nathalie is a leader in social media, social media marketing, content development, and social media analytics. She has experience with public relations, social media content, social advertising, brand reputation, and recruitment marketing. She has worked within a variety of industries, including civil engineering, entertainment, television, culinary, hospitality, consumer, non-profit, and healthcare. When she’s not overseeing social media strategies, you can catch her spending the day at Disneyland or watching a game at an MLB park.

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