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High performing teams with Steve Sallis
The Marketing Rules Podcast | Sep. 12th 2023

Every business wants their teams to perform as best as possible, with everyone pushing in the same direction and team leaders who are respected and followed. Joining James this week is Steve Sallis, author and executive mindset coach. They discuss how businesses can build high-performing teams, what methodology to use, and what are the qualities needed...

Recruiters as marketers with Chad Sowash
The Marketing Rules Podcast | Aug. 28th 2023

Where does the recruiter stop and the marketer start? We are seeing more and more pressure on recruiters to be more like marketers, from personal branding to collateral creation. Joining me this week is Chad Sowash, podcaster, business owner and talent acquisition consultant. Chad and I discuss the pros and cons of expecting...

SEO for small businesses with Ben Lund
The Marketing Rules Podcast | Aug. 14th 2023

Small businesses tend to fall on the opposite side with their use of SEO, either it is too expensive to make any headway or they spend all their budget on SEO and nothing is left for any other marketing. This week's guest is Ben Lund founder of rise marketing. Ben discuss how...

Recruitment marketing: North America x Europe with Serge Boudreau
The Marketing Rules Podcast | Jul. 31st 2023

It's always interesting to understand what other parts of the world are doing better, or worse when it comes to recruitment marketing and employer branding. Joining me this week is Serge Boudreau, Vice president of business development at CareerBeacon and 1 half of the hosts at the Recruitment Flex podcast. Serge and I...

Getting it right from the 'Start-up' with Bobby Banerjee
The Marketing Rules Podcast | Jul. 10th 2023

Setting up your new recruitment agency is one of the most exciting and terrifying times of running a business, but what can you do to get it right from the start? Joining James this week is Bobby Banerjee, Director Of Learning at Elev8. Bobby and I pool our knowledge to discuss how...

Translate your way to better marketing with Evan Kramer
The Marketing Rules Podcast | Jun. 29th 2023

For any business moving into a new territory and key marketing consideration is whether to translate your collateral into the local language. Joining James this week is Evan Kramer, founder of Motion Point. Evan discusses the advantages from a marketing perspective of translating not just your website but all your marketing output into the local language. #MarketingRules...

Making memorable messages with Arel Moodie
The Marketing Rules Podcast | Jun. 12th 2023

For those of us that present on a regular basis, whether it's online or face to face how do we know how effective we are as a presenter and if our content is hitting the right mark? Joining James this week is Arel Moodie, Entrepreneur, speaker and TV host. Arel discusses...

Sales and Marketing or Sales & Marketing with Mike Ames
The Marketing Rules Podcast | May. 27th 2023

Sales and Marketing, Sales & Marketing. There is a difference the first is 2 different departments, the second is both functions working together. Joining me this week is Mike Ames from Flair, growth consultants. Mike discusses how to align your recruiters and your marketing and how to convince them of the value of...

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