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Plum Cash & Indeed Trashed

February 24th, 2023

The Chad & Cheese Podcast

You’re gonna feel this one, way deep down in your plums. While the number of companies getting over $50 million in funding these days is light, the number of companies getting millions isn’t waning. That’s why we highlight companies like Plum.io, Workpay, LaborWorx and HireLogic, who’ve gotten funding this week. Want some AI with your startups, we cover news of artificial intelligence algos making layoff decisions at employers. Want some news from the world of remote work? Got that too. Amazon is pivoting to 3-day workweeks, a study of companies going with 4-day workweeks was a great hit and employers who’ve take tax incentives may find themselves forcing employees back to the office. Of course, what episode would be complete with more roasting of Indeed and their new pricing structure; expect this time, the trash talking comes from the buyers on the ground.

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