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Leapsome, Coming to America

December 7th, 2022

The Chad & Cheese Podcast

“Coming to America” isn’t just a great Eddie Murphy movie from the ’80s. It’s also the rallying cry for many European companies looking to grow their bottom lines in the world’s biggest economy. Enter Leapsome out of Germany who is the latest industry player to make their way across the Atlantic, opening up and promising to hire well over 50 people in New York City this year alone. As you expect, there’s very little agreement with the move being a good one or not. Then the boys play a little Buy-or-Sell with iFeel, Vektor and Surfboard. (Spoiler alert: There’s almost no agreement by anyone.) Closing the show is a discussion on a recent court decision out of France that ruled companies can’t fire their workers for failing to be sufficiently “fun.” Well, that’s no fun! This episode, however? Loaded with fun! Enjoy!

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