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Good Karma — Dee Commodore — TRAILER

September 21st, 2022

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Welcome to the ‘Good Karma’ episode where Recruiting Professional, Dee Commodore,  is my special guest. Listen in as she shares her insights on the job candidate experience. You’ll appreciate both her perspectives … and her positive energy.

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Chuck Solomon 

Host of The Candidate Experience Podcast

This episode was recorded in September 2022.


Dee Commodore on LinkedIN https://www.linkedin.com/in/dee-commodore/

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Chuck Solomon  0:00

How are you today?

Dee Commodore  0:02

Oh, fine, thank you.

Chuck Solomon  0:04

I’m doing well. Dee, how did you get into this whole talent, attraction space.

Dee Commodore  0:12

It was 2008, I attended a job fair. And Tish Moore from Greene Resources at this time had interviewed me and hired me on the spot as a recruitment coordinator. And after working there at Greene Resources on assignment, I had seen the impact that, you know, all the recruiters had on peoples lives, it basically piqued my interest, and then, therefore, became my career path after working as I was, as I’ve been for.

Chuck Solomon  0:45

Excellent, thanks for sharing that. Yeah, I tried to ask that same question to everyone. And I think everyone’s path into this career is, is unique and different. So and I think I have yet to hear someone say, Oh, I I planned on it from doesn’t It doesn’t sound like you planned on it, right?

Dee Commodore  1:10

No, I know, I definitely didn’t. However, it did. Pull from my background. Because, again, to me, recruitment is about relationship building, customer service, and, you know, being from the islands, you know, that’s something that is important, because tourism is the main part of my community. So I wanted to go originally go into hospitality manage to meet the same thing. But it’s just the flip side of it. So I realized my passion, and my personality, you know, identify was live, at least I hope so.

Chuck Solomon  1:50

I bet you do. So you’re in a job search Now, correct me if I’m wrong, you’re still searching for a job?

Dee Commodore  1:58

Yes, I’m still searching for my YES!

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