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38: Have a Game Plan — Rosie Martinson

November 19th, 2021

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Welcome to the ‘Have a Game Plan’ episode, where Rosie Martinson, Employer Brand Manager at Carbon Health is my special guest. Listen in as she shares her insights on candidate experience, employer brand, candidate communications and more.

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Chuck Solomon 

Host of The Candidate Experience Podcast

This episode was recorded in October, 2021 and was originally released in November 19, 2021


Rosie Martinsonhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/rosiemartinson/

Jobs openings at Carbon Healthhttps://carbonhealth.com/careers

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Chuck Solomon  0:00

Hey, Rosie, how are you today?

Rosie Martinson  0:02

I am good. How are you doing? Chuck?

Chuck Solomon  0:05

I’m doing pretty well. Thanks for joining me today.

Rosie Martinson  0:09

Sure, happy to be here.

Chuck Solomon  0:11

Awesome. Could you give my listeners a little bit about who is Rosie and and who you work for? And what do you do for them?

Rosie Martinson  0:22

Sure, yeah. So I am Rosie Martinson. I live on the West Coast in Tacoma, Washington and the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I currently work at a healthcare technology organization called carbon health. And I lead the employment brands team, and I am on the talent acquisition team reporting to our VP of talent.

Chuck Solomon  0:45

What led you into working into this talent or people space? What’s your backstory?

Rosie Martinson  0:51

It’s a really great question. Because as as you know, I’m sure being in this world, some people are in HR, and some are marketing. And some as recruiters, there’s lots of different ways to get into this space. And so, I actually am a marketer at heart, I’ve been in marketing for over 15 years, I have a public relations advertising degree. And about seven or eight years ago, as I was working in healthcare marketing, I was looking for something new, and I wanted to grow my career and work for a larger company. And so, I came across a demand generation manager role. And, you know, if if, you know, marketing demand generation is a marketing term, and it’s a marketer that is generating demand, or a company’s product or service, right, that you are marketing to your audience. Well, I joined as demand generation manager on the recruiting team…

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