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Urie Suhr – The Recruiter that Leverages A.I.

March 5th, 2018

Urie Suhr is the Director of Talent Acquisition for new york city based Collective (i), a tech company that modernizes the sales organizations of Fortune 500 clients through artificial intelligence and buyer insights. I saw her speak on a panel recently sponsored by Entelo and here’s what we’ll talk about today. -What types of roles are you recruiting for? -You are the only recruiter correct? Talk about the challenges of that… -Collectivei.com is a cool looking site…your job descriptions have the apply form right at the bottom…was that intentional? Is there an ATS behind it? -Lets talk rec tech (recruiting technology)….what tools are part of your daily routine? Greenhouse, vettetry, workey, angelist, shapr networking app, entelo, glider.ai -Whats your go to subject line when trying to contact candidates? -Tell us your best sourcing story about how you got creative in finding someone that you eventually hired? -How do you prefer vendors approach you about pitching their products? -What advice do you have a new recruiter if they want to find tech talent? Full transcript available at RecTechMedia.com

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