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Recruiting Headlines from Facebook, StafQuik, SparcStart, Namely, Google

May 3rd, 2019

Since its launch more than a year ago the Facebook job board has been missing jobs from one key segment: corporate employers. They simply did not have an easy way to share their jobs to the Facebook audience other than their own business page.

But good news has arrived…

Facebook will be partnering with ATS vendors to include their clients jobs into the Facebook job board automatically.

This move will certainly add a huge number of credible, professional listings to the social network alongside the thousands of small business jobs already being posted.

I was able to reach Facebook for comment and uncovered some additional details about which vendors have signed on so far.

We currently work with a number of partners including SAP SuccessFactors, Workable, JazzHR, and Talentify. We’re looking to grow these partnerships as we know many businesses are already working with HR solution providers to manage their hiring needs and we want to make it easier for businesses to tap onto the tools they already use, and help more people find jobs.


  • We have a Jobs XML Feed, which enables partners to publis job posts on behalf of employers directly on Facebook.
  • Job seekers are redirected to the employer’s career site, and can apply to the role on the employer’s career site.
  • Employers can also create jobs in their Applicant Tracking System, and automatically publish that job to Facebook.



BALTIMORE – StafQuik, a contingent staffing technology company, is introducing a faster, more efficient way for staffing agencies to connect their workforce to job opportunities. Using StafQuik’s platform, an agency can stay engaged with their highly mobile talent pool no matter where they are, independent of their devices or phone numbers, with significant improvement to the bottom line.

StafQuik’s easy to use platform gives recruiters the ability to instantly connect the right workers to the right positions. Workers are notified of opportunities in less than one minute, and recruiters receive responses in minutes rather than hours, while getting insight into workers’ progress to job sites. Clients get all positions filled without any “no-shows,” resulting in more billable hours and time savings for recruiters.

StafQuik is designed to work well with temporary staffing agencies’ back-of-house systems, such as payroll, applicant tracking and billing. StafQuik can demonstrate potential savings of $100,000 per year or more, while also providing best-in-class service to corporate clients.

More information is available on the company’s website, http://www.stafquik.com.




SparcStart has created Amplify VMS (Video Management System) for creating, sharing, approving, cataloguing and editing recruitment videos.  One central platform that every recruiter can access for brand-appropriate and brand-approved videos will simplify the management, and amplify the visibility, of candidate focused content.

Whether videos were created by Corporate Marketing, SparcStart, Skill Scout, VideoMyJob, Stories Incorporated, AltruLabs or in-house on phones or webcams, the Video Management Center will make them readily available to the entire Talent Acquisition team.

Amplify VMS also facilitates the creation of employee generated content with templated requests for Employee Testimonials, Q&A videos, Day in the Life videos, and special event or project videos.



NEW YORK, April 30, 2019 –Namely, a leading HR platform for mid-sized companies, today announced a new integration with Hire by Google, a recruiting app built for organizations using G Suite. Available to shared clients today, this solution helps companies connect their HR and applicant tracking systems in order to minimize time-consuming data entry and speed new hire onboarding.

“Our deep integration with Hire by Google helps joint clients streamline the earliest interactions between an employee and their company,” said Graham Younger, president and chief revenue officer, Namely. “By using Google’s robust architecture to instantly create a new employee record in Namely each time an applicant is hired, we’re speeding the onboarding process for HR, reducing even more burden for HR administrators, and creating a better employee experience from the initial interview to the first day on the job.”



And speakign of Google ….For enterprises, tracking down the right approvers for new job requisitions and offers can take time away from critical tasks like finding and interviewing great talent. To optimize Hire for these businesses, we enhanced the requisition and offer approval flows to automatically suggest approvers for new job requisitions or offers. This makes it easy for large organizations to establish consistent global approval processes, while empowering recruiters to move faster.

We also introduced a referral portal to encourage every employee to source top talent, which can mean thousands of referrals for a large organization, and released a set of interactive reports to empower more informed decision making, so enterprises can make the most of all their data and optimize complex hiring processes.

Lastly, we expanded our connection to the larger HR technology ecosystem through APIs and pre-built integrations with Namely, Sapling, AppogeeHR, and Zenefits, so customers can easily manage the entire employee lifecycle and improve the experience for new hires.


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