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Jack Coapman from Gr8 People

July 2nd, 2018

gr8 People describes themselves as this—-a 100 percent purpose-built recruiting platform to deliver the unfair advantage companies demand to compete for talent around the world. Their platform brings together a CRM, recruitment marketing, hiring and on-boarding together; providing a one stop show talent ecosystems.

The company, which is based in Newtown Pennsylvania raised an 8 million dollar series B round of funding earlier this year and is continuing to innovate through new functionality and features.

Joining me on the phone today is Jack Coapman, Chief Strategy Officer.


  • Gr8 People has had a busy couple of years can you tell me a brief history of the company and where you are today?
  • Size of company?
  • The name…how did that come to be? memorable…
  • It’s a crowded market in recruiting software, how do you guys differentiate yourself?
  • Ideal customer?
  • What are some companies that use Gr8 People?
  • What have you learned about working with HR that you would tell another HR tech startup to look out for?
  • Talk about some of the new features you are most proud of?
  • How does a company successfully pick and implement a product like this?
  • What do you see happening in the talent acquisition function?  Challenges? Opportunities?
  • HR Tech calendar what shows are you doing this year and how do you look at shows from a marketing ROI standpoint?

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