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How I Recruit: Ben White from Titus Talent

September 29th, 2016

Ben White has seven years’ experience in talent acquisition. He has worked as a headhunter and a corporate recruiter for two fortune 500 companies. Today he is part of the recruitment process insourcing team at Titus Talent, a talent strategies firm with several offices throughout the midwest, New York and the UK. http://www.titustalent.com/ Topics discussed in this episode: -What is recruitment process insourcing? -Typical day like? -Lets talk tech…you dont use an ATS? How do you keep track of candidates? -What other tools are part of your day to day recruiting? -Effective inmail writing…whats your response rate? -Describe a typical inmail…subject line, what do you say? -Phone sourcing? -Engaging candidates who may otherwise pass on initial dialogue -Your last 3 placements…where did you find them online? -Advice for new recruiters? Sponsored by Jobs2Careers.com

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