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Entelo Wants You to Go Into Unbiased Sourcing Mode

September 4th, 2018

Entelo, a leader in recruiting automation and sourcing, recently announced a new feature called  Unbiased Sourcing Mode, allowing companies to anonymize and hide information recruiters or hiring managers don’t want to see in an effort to eliminate unconscious bias based on irrelevant factors.  

Here to discuss this new feature and talk more about sourcing is Lisa Holden their Director of Communications.


  • Gearing up for HR tech?
  • Can you explain what Entelo does briefly?
  • “Leader Recruiting automation” I thought you were essentially a sourcing tool…
  • Entelo is introducing Unbiased Sourcing Mode — what is it? What’s the problem this solves?
  • What’s the motivation behind new tools like this?
  • Does it actually work? What about when you meet the candidate in real life?
  • What has feedback been like so far?
  • What are some best practices for getting diversity and inclusion right?
  • How about companies that do it wrong? Any pitfalls to avoid?  
  • What’s next from Entelo?



  • Whats your job like …take us through a day in the life?
  • Is it getting harder to market to HR people or easier?
  • What marketing tactic..event, google ads, etc…has the best ROI in your opinion?
  • What have you learned about the hiring process since coming to work for Entelo?
  • Where is sourcing in 5 years?

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