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Season Finale: A Mental Health Roundtable presented by coaching startup, Terawatt
Left to Our Own Devices with Erica Keswin | May. 31st 2022

Mental Health in the workplace is top of mind, especially these days. With all that’s going on in the world, Covid continuing to upend plans, and burnout running rampant through organizations, leaders need practical, tactical solutions to helping their people (and themselves!) deal with mental health challenges. So on this...

Scaling a Fintech Platform to Unicorn Status by Following Immigrant Family Values with Suneera Madhani, Co-founder and CEO of Stax Payments
Left to Our Own Devices with Erica Keswin | May. 10th 2022

What does it take to scale a business from an idea to unicorn status? Suneera Madhani would say to look to family values—specifically the ones her Pakistani parents instilled in her. With her brother, Suneera co-founded Stax Payments, a fintech platform now processing $23 billion in payments, so it’s clear...

The Human Way to Disagree with Amy Gallo, Author, Speaker, and Contributing Editor at Harvard Business Review
Left to Our Own Devices with Erica Keswin | May. 3rd 2022

Contrary to popular belief, the highest performing teams are not necessarily conflict free. In fact, healthy disagreement—or creative friction—leads to more innovation, more trust, better ideas, and higher performance. Amy Gallo, author, podcast host, and contributing editor at Harvard Business Review, sits down with Erica on this week’s episode to...

How to Cope with Big Feelings at Work with Liz Fosslien, Author and Illustrator, and Head of Communications and Content at Humu
Left to Our Own Devices with Erica Keswin | Apr. 26th 2022

When Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy pitched their second book, Big Feelings: How to Be Okay When Things Are Not Okay, to their publisher in January 2020, the authors were met with questions about its relevance. Fast forward six months (and three months into a new and terrifying global...

How to Use Play to Increase Connection with Facilitator, Speaker, Coach, and Founder of Breakthrough Play, Gary Ware
Left to Our Own Devices with Erica Keswin | Apr. 19th 2022

Gary Ware was working as a VP at a digital ad agency when he realized that  being completely depleted, feeling broken, and having no drive to do anything was perhaps *not* normal. Gary was experiencing what many of us have faced, especially during the pandemic—burnout. So Gary took an improv...

How Sports Skills are Transferable to the Business World with Former Team USA Women’s Hockey Captain and 3x Olympian, Meghan Duggan
Left to Our Own Devices with Erica Keswin | Apr. 12th 2022

Few activities prepare a young person for the world of work better than participation in team sports. With skills like leadership, performance under pressure, work ethic, teamwork, problem solving, and the ability to strategize, athletes are naturally set up to be successful. And that’s just what this week’s guest, former...

Culture Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated with Joe Camberato, Founder and CEO of National Business Capital
Left to Our Own Devices with Erica Keswin | Apr. 5th 2022

From a one-man business consultant working out of a spare bedroom in 2007 to a team of 100 employees, 1 billion dollars secured in business financing, and a leading fintech marketplace for small businesses, Joe Camberato—or, Grow By Joe, as he’s known on the internet—knows a thing or two about...

Prioritizing D&I is a Competitive Advantage with Endeavor’s Chief Inclusion Officer, Alicin Williamson and Director of D&I, Nicholas Griggs-Drane
Left to Our Own Devices with Erica Keswin | Mar. 29th 2022

How do we shift society as a whole towards more diversity and inclusion? It starts with the people and brands defining culture itself—“the icons, visionaries, renowned experts, award-winners, champions, leading brands and institutions.” And nowhere do they influence culture more than at Endeavor, a company that represents this top tier...

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