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152: EMEA Recruitment Podcast #152 – Showing Everyone What’s Possible – Lizi Jackson-Barrett

November 25th, 2022

We were honoured to welcome Lizi Jackson-Barrett, Confidence Strategist, onto the EMEA Recruitment podcast. 

“Have the confidence to have huge goals and say them out loud.”

In this episode, Paul Toms explores the service Lizi provides to clients, with the overarching goal of increasing the confidence of others strategically to accelerate business growth and success. 

Firstly, we learn how Lizi started her business. She noticed a gap in the market when people were constantly saying, “I know I should be… but…” – that’s where the lack of confidence would come into play. 

Lizi was open in sharing her hair loss story, but found it difficult to find someone to turn to for help in increasing her confidence. She has now developed a framework that consists of five Cs, beginning with identifying the areas of improvement and affirming what they would do if they were able to develop this soft skill. 

Paul asks Lizi about her public speaking experiences. Lizi is a keynote speaker and has given TEDx speeches, originally starting on small stages. She explains her love for the stage, sharing that it is a different way to reach people and make a difference in people’s lives. She shares the wonderful feeling of gaining feedback from people in the audience, who get in touch to tell her she has made improvements in their lives without ever talking to them in a one-to-one setting.

Lizi explores the issues clients usually approach her with. She highlights the fact that even the individuals who are in high positions share the same worries, which become harder when these people are expected to have no confidence wobbles and know exactly what they are doing. The other challenges seen – more so in solo entrepreneurs, especially creative ones – is knowing their worth and charging a fair price for their work.

Relating back to her business model, she initially started with an orientation towards females, but this has since changed. Without generalising, she has observed that men are keen to jump straight into the programme, whereas women are keener to explore the feelings behind the lack of confidence – ideally a mix between both is needed to create change.

The highlight of Lizi’s career was being able to evidence the profound influence of her teachings on clients. She shares a few examples of qualitative and quantitative results, which reveal her work continues to make a difference in a meaningful way, even after the programme has ended. This is done through equipping clients with the tools to push themselves forward, instead of fleeing from challenges.

Lizi’s sessions can be completed in small groups within two-hour blocks, or on a one-to-one basis completed hourly, over eight sessions. The sessions are very goal-driven, with more things coming into focus as the programme progresses alongside the five C framework. 

It is important to note that we all have things we aren’t good at, Lizi emphasizes. It’s the strength of acknowledging those struggles and getting the help to get better at those things. Additionally, consider the fact that there are some things you can lack skills in and, ultimately, that is fine.

Close to the end of the episode, we uncover the person who has inspired Lizi the most. Her mother embodies the very work Lizi tries to allow others to strive for, sharing her mother’s story and achievements. The key point? If you let yourself chase these big goals and acknowledge you want them, there’s so much that is within our reach than we think isn’t. For Lizi, she only has to look to her mother to see proof of that.

Listen to the end of the episode to discover the superpower Lizi would choose to have. 

If you are interested in the work Lizi conducts and want to find out more, you can connect with Lizi on LinkedIn, or reach out to her via Instagram or Facebook.


To find a particular part of the episode, please use the timestamps below:

01:25: The last thing that made Lizi smile02:40: The evolution of Lizi’s job title03:35: Introduction to the service Lizi provides05:40: The difference between confidence coaching and life coaching08:40: How Lizi’s business started 10:15: Lizi’s service model 13:20: Lizi’s experience doing TEDx talks16:00: How Lizi’s career history helped her with public speaking18:35: The common issues clients have26:10: The line between overconfidence & arrogance27:00: Moving from a female service model to male & female31:15: The highlight of Lizi’s career35:00: Why confidence continues to rise after the programme41:05: How Lizi overcomes problems with her own confidence43:00: The person who inspired Lizi the most45:40: The superpower Lizi would choose to have


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This episode is hosted by Paul Toms, our Founder, and Rose Jinks, Marketing Manager. 

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