Key Insights from Cliquify’s 2024 Employer Branding Study

Rodney HessBy Rodney Hess
January 23rd, 2024 • 2 Minutes

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A new study from Cliquify provides an exclusive glimpse at how over 60 global companies are approaching employer branding for 2024 when it comes to strategy, budgets and technology.

As talent competition grows fierce, enterprises plan to double down on burnishing their employer brand to stand out, according to survey findings.

Key Study Highlights

Focus on Positive Employee Experience

Recruitment marketing pros are concentrating on ensuring a positive employee experience. Aiming to achieve recognition as a “best workplace,” this actively drives authentic employee advocacy programs across various platforms, including social media, career sites and review sites. The goal is to enhance the company’s reputation and attract top talent through genuine employee endorsements​​.

Top Priorities in Employer Branding

The main priorities highlighted by employer branding practitioners, irrespective of company size or geography, include:

Additionally, there is a focus on developing strategies for various channels, including content, social media, paid media and events​​.

Challenges and Resource Allocation

Limited budgets are a significant challenge in employer branding, with 15% of companies planning to reduce their spending in 2024 compared to 2023. The report also notes a trend of limited resources, especially in smaller organizations, and the challenges in securing adequate funds for employer branding initiatives. 

Additionally, there’s a focus on the need for endorsement and support from C-level executives and central marketing teams. The challenge is to demonstrate the value and criticality of employer branding with impactful metrics​​.

Cliquify’s 2024 study is a crucial resource for understanding the current state and future trajectory of employer branding. It provides you with insights into the strategies, challenges and tools being used by your peers and offers a benchmark against which you can measure your practices.

Download your copy of Cliquify’s comprehensive 2024 Employer Branding Priorities & Budget study here.

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