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March 1st, 2022 • 3 Minutes

Career websites and landing pages are one of the most commonly used elements in recruitment marketing. They host your job postings, tell your employer brand story, and much more. 

We decided to list a few of these companies who specialize in creating the technology behind the candidate experience. So how do you know which platform is right for you?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a vendor to support your career page. Ask yourself:

  • How much capacity does my team have to manage the career page?
  • What will you need to update in the future, and who will be in charge of updating it?
  • Is it easy to create new pages?
  • Does the career page technology integrate with my ATS and CRM?
  • What kind of analytics do we need to measure success?

With these considerations in mind, here are some of the top career site platforms to explore (in alphabetical order):


Ascendify specializes in talent management and personalization. You can customize your career page content based on the applicant, automatically skill match people into talent pipelines, and identify which team they fit into best. Once candidates apply, machine learning and predictive analytics tell you how long each hire will take. 

They also have an in-house creative team to design your career page and talent communities. 


Beamery makes it easy to update and manage your career page with a content management system, logical content arrangement, and flexible editing rules. You can also easily manage your metadata to help your site rank highly on all major search engines and Google for Jobs. 

In addition, you can publish content with analysis of bias, readability, positive sentiment, and they claim to give you guidance on improving.

Candidates see dynamic, individualized content and job recommendations and can quickly sign up to your talent network, register for webinars, or sign up for job alerts.

On the back end, you can automate processes like filling talent pools or candidate nurture. Give recruiters the data and insight they need.

Phenom People

The Phenom Talent Experience Management is a single platform that eliminates the need for multiple HR tools. Their tool aims to improve the experiences of candidates, recruiters, employees, and management all in one. With Phenom People’s artificial intelligence, candidates receive best-fit job recommendations and content that match their skills, interests, and geographic location. 

Tailored content includes hyper-relevant benefits, location-specific perks, and upcoming events that pique their interest. You can also give candidates relevant job recommendations when they answer a few questions, interact with a chatbot, connect their social profiles, or upload their resumes.

The platform also captures passive candidate leads and builds a talent community, which you can later nurture with email and text campaigns.

Phenom People got $30 million of funding early 2020 and aims to advance their technology to reflect what we typically see in consumer marketing platforms.


SmashFlyX combines CRM, career site, and programmatic advertising in one platform.

On the front-end, their career page includes a chat assistant that answers questions, suggests relevant jobs, and captures candidate info. It also offers personalized content and landing pages based on a job seeker’s behavioral data and demographics. You can also enhance your job descriptions with rich content, not just requirements.

On the back-end, the chat assistant feeds right into your CRM, so recruiters can easily manage a talent pipeline. The platform also makes it easy for your team to manage the site content. Plus, you can measure every piece of content and track conversion from visit to hire.


Jobvite’s Talemetry integrates your CRM, job postings, career site, and apply solutions. With AI-powered automation and deep analytics capabilities to drive your candidate sourcing, you can use this system for many of your recruitment marketing needs.

Talemetry integrates with Google Cloud Talent Solution to provide the most relevant job search results for candidates. Additionally, the application processes are mobile and social-enabled, with no login required. You can retarget applicants who didn’t complete their applications to return to where they left off in the process. 

Another feature supports your diversity, student, and other hiring programs with customizable candidate experiences aligned around your audience strategies.


From attraction and engagement to optimization and tracking, the TalentBrew recruitment marketing platform from TMP activates your recruitment brand. Their platform allows you to push jobs and content directly to candidates, create consistent brand messaging, track your success, and more.

Your career page will highlight your culture and tell your story, using innovative web development practices. If you want to learn more about how these platforms compare to each other, check out this report: The State of Recruitment Marketing.

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