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92: Adapting your career site and recruitment marketing for early career professionals
The Recruitment Hackers Podcast | Nov. 25th 2023

Graham Thornton, the founder and CEO of ChangeState, joins Max Armbruster on the Recruitment Hackers podcast. They discuss how to adapt recruitment marketing and career websites to high volume recruitment, particularly for early career individuals. Graham emphasizes the importance of making the application process easy and straightforward for candidates in...

91: The Next Generation of Filipino Talent Has Arrived
The Recruitment Hackers Podcast | Nov. 1st 2023

In this episode, Cristina Junio, Head of Sales and Operations at Resource Solutions, gives an overview of the talent crunch in the Philippines,  with the rising demand driven by the BPO industry and the availability of gig work online. A new generation of talent has arrived, more autonomous, tech-savvy, and...

90: Recruiting in High-Speed Environments: Lessons from the Startup Trenches.
The Recruitment Hackers Podcast | Sep. 27th 2023

Matt Lerner is the CEO of a consulting business named SYSTM, which helps early-stage startups grow. In this episode, we explore how fast-paced environments like startups can find the right talent and what pitfalls to avoid. Max Armbruster, the host of the Recruitment Hackers podcast, interviews Matt Lerner. Matt previously supported...

89: Interviewing for university admissions, with Raphaela and Max Armbruster
The Recruitment Hackers Podcast | Jul. 3rd 2023

In this special episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, our host Max conducts an insightful conversation with his sister, Rafaela Armbruster, who works as an Admissions Coordinator at UCL. The unique angle of this episode revolves around the parallels drawn between job recruitment and student admissions, both involving evaluating young...

88: Gamifying Employee Referrals with Sudeepta Parasar
The Recruitment Hackers Podcast | May. 26th 2023

In this episode, Max Armbruster, CEO of Talkpush, interviews Sudeepta Parasar, CEO and Co-founder of Refersecout, a platform that simplifies and gamifies employee referral programs. They discuss the benefits of employee referrals, the challenges of managing a referral program, and the various stages of program sophistication. Sudeepta shares his insights...

87: Harnessing the Power of Blockchain for Career Verification with Dror Gurevich of Velocity Network Foundation
The Recruitment Hackers Podcast | May. 18th 2023

In this riveting episode, Max Armbruster, the host of Talkpush Podcast, engages in a deep conversation with Dror Gurevich, the CEO of Velocity Network Foundation, a non-profit building the Internet of Careers™. The discussion delves into the transformative potential of blockchain in the world of recruitment, career verification, and how...

86: The realities of background screening and its crucial impact on hiring
The Recruitment Hackers Podcast | Mar. 27th 2023

In this podcast episode, Max and Daniel Callaghan of Veremark explore the world of background screening for employment and how blockchain is making the process more secure and cost-effective for both job seekers and employers. They also highlight the problems facing the background screening industry and why background checks are...

85: No more resumes: Better alternatives for finding the right candidates
The Recruitment Hackers Podcast | Mar. 25th 2023

In this podcast episode, Max Armbruster interviews Robert Cohen, Talent Acquisition Ecosystem Manager at Philip Morris International. The conversation focused on the need for companies to rethink early talent acquisition by looking beyond traditional qualifications and focusing more on motivation and potential. Their conversation also highlights the need for technological...

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