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230: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep201 – Prompt Engineering for Sourcers

April 14th, 2023

Prompt Engineering for Sourcing

We can already predict that ‘prompt’ is going to be the Word of the Year 2023.

The idea that we can get good at asking and contextualising questions has probably never come up before, but now that the outputs we want from generative AI is dependent on how skilfully we communicate what we want to the LLM that powers the AI, it has become a skill that we must develop. Already, “Prompt Engineer” has become a job, and so we have got to ask, is this the Sourcing, and if so how can we get good at it?


– History of Sourcing

– What is different between Sourcing vs Prompt Engineering?

– Can’t I just ask the AI what the best prompt is?

– What kind of elements make a good prompt?

– Have we developed a ‘golden set’ of prompts which universally improve the outputs?

– Do prompts differ according to application (like sourcing does across search engines)

– What recruiter specific prompts are working best

– Compare Bing / Bard / ChatGPT / Other

– What are the best resources for Prompt Engineering online


All this and more as we bring together the leading sourcers who are also becoming leading prompt engineers for recruitment –  Denys Dinkevych, Global Talent Sourcer, Irina Shamaeva, Partner (Brain Gain Recruiting) & Greg Hawkes, Principal Sourcing Leader M&T Bank. We’re on Friday 14th April, 2pm BST

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