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212: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep184 -Social Class & Accent: The Hidden Bias in Recruiting

December 9th, 2022

The Hidden Bias in Recruiting: Class & Accent


How we speak are signifiers of our social class – formerly known as ‘social standing’ – information which still determines our life journeys much more than it should. How many people with regional accents end up as CEO of a business? How many as Prime Minister or President? Class and Accent bias is a the hidden bias in recruiting and one which is woefully under discussed.


That’s why we’re the ones doing it in this week’s topic of Brainfood Live On Air.



We are going to explore:


– How have you personally been impacted by class bias?

– How do you know?

– What to do when your hiring manager exhibits this bias?

– What techniques are available to change behaviours?

– Is there any tooling which can help with this?


This is a conversation we’re going to have with recruiters and business leaders who themselves have directly experienced this hidden bias. We’re with


We’re with John Rose, Talent Sourcer (Volvo), Ashley Wallace, Tech Talent Lead (Papercup), Mel Hayes, CPO (Nash Squared) & Nick Court, Director (The People Experience Hub)

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